This Too Shall Pass! (COVID-19 Survivors talk to You & I)

With rising cases of COVID-19, the anxiety and panic among people are rising too. In the current scenario, the virus is making more damage to the mind than the body. Even though deep down people know that this too shall pass, the constant fear of getting exposed to the virus is making them restless; be it while stepping out to buy groceries or going to work. Amid all the chaos, what seems faded is the fact that there are people who have fought the virus and come through absolutely fine. To put forward the needed positivity and hope in the hour, You & I brings a few stories of such survivors from the town and their journey of one of the toughest phases of the time.   – Srivalli  

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Dr Krishna Reddy Pingle

Dr Krishna Reddy Pingle

Dr Krishna Reddy Pingle, a Consultant Radiologist at Sunshine Hospitals, is one of those people who maintain a healthy diet and fitness regime. While growing up, Dr Krishna was also a sports enthusiast. All of this paid off in his recovery process after he was tested positive for COVID-19. Read to know more about his treatment and recovery.

When were you diagnosed with COVID-19 and how long did it take you to recover?
It was June 22 or 23, started with a headache and cold. I thought it was allergy (sinusitis), next day I woke up Dr Krishna Reddy Pingle with a fever of 99-100 F* and soon after that with a loss of smell and taste, body pains and dehydration set in. It took me two weeks to feel about normal. I still haven’t recovered completely; at times, I have a lingering headache and have also developed some gastritis, due to medication.

How did you build your immunity?
When you get to know you are COVID positive, it hits you like a rock. At first, you don’t know how your body is going to react. You have to be mentally tough and not fear. I believe in eating healthy as much as possible and maintaining a good fitness regime (cross fit, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates). Being a little more active in the last few months has helped me overcome this virus.

Dr Krishna Reddy Pingle

What should one expect as they recover?
Everybody’s symptoms and recovery are going to be different; it depends on how severe the damage is and how good their immunity is. My lungs showed some ground glass patches; however, I’m maintaining oxygen saturation and have to repeat my chest CT in a month to see any improvement. My headache is still persisting, energy levels are low, weakness and fatigue sets in by evening and gastritis doesn’t help. Could take another one-two weeks, I am hoping to get back to my routine and back to the hospital for work.

Tell us about your treatment, what methods did it involve?
I got treated at home and was advised home quarantine. I consulted two doctors –a general physician and a pulmonologist. I stuck to one simple protocol; too many cooks spoil the broth! So, I got intravenous at home. As prescribed by my doctor, I took –Tab Azithral 500 once a day in the morning; Hifenac p or Dolo 650 morning and night; Montekfx once at night; Pantociddsr
once a morning; Ivermectin 12 once a day for three days; Vit C 500 and zinc once a day. Also, Tab Fabiflu 200 mg; first day – 1800 mg before dinner (9 tabs); next day 800 before dinner (4 tabs); Decadron 4 for before dinner for three-five days (daxone) and IV fluids if required; everything for ten days. Additionally, the support and love of my friends and family worked magic. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Any advice you would like to give to other COVID-19 patients?
The key to beating this is a strong mindset. Do not fear, and please do not consult too many doctors. Another plus is to keep your mind busy into activities like reading, watching movies or series, and video games. Don’t waste your time on the phone and discuss several treatment options, they are so many Whats App forwards –people asking you take this drug…that tonic, etc., try to shut them all out. Just follow one doctor and another specialist. Trust your immune system. Social distancing is very important, wearing a mask is essential in times like these.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in our magazine.

Shilpa Reddy

Shilpa Reddy

Last month fashion designer, model and fitness enthusiast Shilpa Reddy was tested positive for COVID-19. Soon after that, the designer opened up in an Instagram video about her journey haring a lot of positivity. Later, she made it to the headlines for her honest and motivational advice to everyone out there. The designer who has now completely recovered speaks to us about her battle with the virus and the process of her recovery.

Were you completely asymptomatic or did you show few signs?
My husband had slight symptoms; however, I showed no symptoms or illness of any kind. I just felt more thirsty than usual, so I kept hydrating myself. If our friend did not call and tell that one of their family members who visited us got tested positive, we would not have gone for a test. But as soon as we got to know, we decided to get tested and were declared positive.

How long did it take you to recover?
We knew exactly the day of transmission of the virus, as the person who visited our home, left feeling unwell with fever and headache. We counted 14 days from then and got another test done that said we were negative. So it took about 14 days to completely come back normal without the virus in the body.

Were you hospitalized or home quarantined?
Since we were asymptomatic, we decided to quarantine at home and not spread the virus further. Moreover, our son was tested negative, and we wanted to keep him safe as well. Though we know unless you exchange body fluids, the chances of transmission are very low.

People are panicking because of the rising cases and unavailability of beds in hospitals. Your views…
Few people are hospitalized, few got to a serious stage and then recovered, and few people with ailments did not survive.This is happening because different peoplehave different immunity. This pandemic is nothing but influenza with serious repercussions. Some bodies have immunity to fight while some don’t. Hence we have different kinds of people reacting to the virus. Panicking is not going to help us in any way. As we do not have vaccine or medication yet, one thing in our hand is taking charge of our health and well-being.

How did you build up your immunity?
I can claim that we (my family) have a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. I have been working out since the last 18 years, eating healthy and doing my kriyas. And all of it paid off. I guess that’s hat has kept us safe and get through the tough times without having any complications. Having said that a few changes that helped us were, taking steam twice a day,drinking warm water, and loading up on vitamins that were right for our body and several home remedies including warm turmeric shots with two pinches of pepper.

Any advice you would like to give to other patients?
All I want to say is to start building immunity. You cannot build it overnight, but you can start even now. If you are committed for 4-6 weeks, you can reallybecome exuberant, robust and take charge of your life. Your body will become like an instrument that will always protect you from all the ailments, viruses andinfections. It is high time that we start making changes in our lives instead of waiting for something to hit and wake us up. If you start investing time and energy in your health and well-being and keep it your top priority, you can sail through any pandemic.

Moreover, addressing your mental health with yoga and meditation is extremely important. I believe in the power of ancient knowledge that we have; everyone should bring it into their lives. This is something that will always help us in the times of crisis.

Vritika Agarwal

Vritika Agarwal

“It is the love, that kept us strong and positive,” says Vritika Agarwal, who along with her husband Naveen and her 4-year-old son Armaan was tested COVID positive last month and has now successfully recovered. In those 21 days, Vritika and her family have gone through a tough phase, but their love and support for each other kept them going. Here’s more about their journey.

When were you diagnosed with coronavirus and were you showing any symptoms?
I had a high fever with cold shivers since June 10, so I decided to partially isolate myself and maintain distance from other family members. Even after three days, I had a fever and also had  a little difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Until 14th, I completely lost my sense of taste (a common symptom of COVID-19 and Anosmia). Looking at these symptoms, our family doctor advised hospital admission with COVID-19 test, which confirmed positive the next day. Post this, we immediately got my husband, and both kids tested. Armaan, my younger one and my husband, were positive but were asymptomatic. However, Ayaan, the elder one was tested negative, so we immediately shifted him to my sister-in-law’s place.

How long did it take you to recover?
I was in the hospital for six days. My fever came down on the second day of admission, and since I showed no symptoms for three consecutive days, they allowed me to go home and advised 14 days isolation plus seven days precautions.

How did you overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with the virus?
Honestly speaking, it’s the journey towards healing which is tough and heartbreaking. Especially when you’re away from your family members and each of us were unable to help the other one at such times. But thinking that this too shall pass, we didn’t let any negative thoughts overcome us. Our family and friends showed immense love and support to help us sail through this phase. Every member of our family from around the country made sure we were well connected and entertained all through the day, with my sister-in-law holding our backs all throughout.

How did you build up your immunity?
The hospital, doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff took really good care. We didn’t face any issue there at all. We were on mild antibiotics with a good dose of vitamins and healthy food along with steam inhalation, warm water gargle, homemade kaadha, meditation for positivity and pranayama for lung strengthening.

Did you go through any treatment methods at home? What were they?
After returning home, it was just Naveen, Armaan and me, we did maintain distance from each other. It is tough to keep a distance from a 4-year-old, but by god’s grace, he did all that we asked him to… including sleeping on a separate bed.

On day 16, we tested negative, got our house disinfected through UV Rays and after 21 days my elder one Ayaan was back home to celebrate my younger one’s
birthday. We all are back to our routine life, maintaining social distance and leading a healthy life.

What would be a piece of advice that you would like to give?
For those who have been affected, please stay strong, stay positive... you will sail through. Your body has  a natural way to fight the virus. This is flu, behaves differently with every individual, but should be faced with courage. For those who aren’t affected, please do not panic. Work on your immunity and stay safe.