Tips To Take Care Of Your Fine Jewellery During Monsoons

With monsoons comes a splash of water and a surge in moisture and humidity. Monsoon is also that time of the year when we keep our favorite light-shaded clothes, expensive shoes, and precious possessions away. This list also includes fine jewellery. By simply following these simple tips and tricks,  your fine jewellery can be safe during this season.

“While monsoons have always given a relief from the scorching sun, the season has high moisture levels. Due to this, fine jewellery becomes more prone to losing luster. Fine jewellery needs that extra care to be moisture-free and protected from the tardy dust around. It is essential to regularly check the jewellery in order to prevent any signs of damages.” says Deepshikha Gupta, Sr. VP Design at Melorra. 

Here’s the list of hacks for maintaining your jewellery during monsoon:

No Velvet Boxes 

Unlike what we’ve heard throughout our lives, velvet boxes may not be good for storing your jewels. Use a pouch or a metal box along with cotton balls in it to store the accessories. Or, throw in a few pouches of silica into the jewellery box and let silica absorb all the moisture and work its magic.

To Accessorise or Not?

While 24kt gold jewellery does not tarnish and is softer than other metals, it is susceptible to scratches and can break easily. Hence, most jewellery makers sell 22kt, 18kt, and 14kt jewellery by mixing other harder metals/alloys for increasing its durability. This amalgamation makes your fine pieces susceptible to discolouration, which is why, it is advised to avoid wearing dainty pieces in the rain. Rain discolours signature pieces and makes them lose their shine. The perfect remedy for this problem is wiping the article dry before placing them back into your air-tight jewellery pouches/boxes with soft cotton pads. 

Keep The Pearls Apart 

Pearls need to be kept apart from eachother, as there needs to be enough space between them while storing. During rains, pearls, coral, and amber need to be cleaned on a daily basis and kept moisture-free. One needs to store ‘the gemstone of the moon’ in a separate box and polish them perfectly, every day.

The Soap Water Solution

From time to time, take all the unwashed jewels and dip them in lukewarm soap water. Since gold and platinum are neutral metals, it it safe in this solution. But over time, these metals collect dirt and lose their sparkle. That is when the application of ‘soap-water solution’ gives you the best result and gets the gold and platinum redux.

Electroplate Your Jewels

As a working woman, life can get a little hectic sometimes. Thus, we tend to forget to take care of our accessories. There is a simple, long-lasting solution for those who are always on the go. Electroplating your gold items will provide a tarnish-resistant layer, which will keep your jewels as fine as new. This anti-tarnish (silver) lacquer will keep your accessories sparkling for a long time, before it finally wears off and needs a fresher coat.

-Sumana with inputs from Deepshikha Gupta, Sr. VP Design at Melorra