Tips to Tackle Post-Covid Weakness by Sameera Reddy

Actress Sameera Reddy who was missing in action and from social media for quite a while after her first pregnancy, has now become a social media influencer and an inspiration to many. Her posts with her children and encouraging posts on body positivity have garnered her many compliments and followers. Recently, the former actress and her young children were infected with Covid-19 and luckily they all came out of it with a mild attack. Sameera took to Instagram to share a reel with her tips on how to tackle post-coved weakness.

Alongside the video, she wrote: “Post COVID recovery tips that have helped me especially with the weakness. Please feel free to share anything that has helped you too.” She also shared her list of essentials to consume: "Coconut water, Dates / Kala jamun, Soaked almonds /raisins overnight, Amla / lime juice, fresh fruit, Add Jaggery & ghee after meals, No refined / processed foods, Eat wholesome foods like pulses, khichdi with veggies, Sleep sleep sleep, Controlled screen time especially before sleep, Slow walks, no intense workout, Take sunlight for 15 mins, Pranayama ,shravasana, deep breathing."

"It's ok to feel emotional. Share your feelings. Most imp take time to heal. This definitely helped me. Get well soon. Stay strong #healthiswealth #covid #recovery," she added.

In a previous video from her #FitnessFriday series, she said that her commitment to staying fit is what helped her get past the tough phase as her stamina and focus was of big help. She said, “I had to keep calm with the kids going through Covid and then having me and Aksha pass it physically was challenging. I’m still left with weakness and I’m very focused on getting my Strength back. I’ve started daily walks and light yoga with nutritious meals. I would like to request everyone to really take time to do some spot jogging / breathing / stretching / any movement . Even simple walking in the house to help with increasing stamina . It is very easy to get sucked in with only negative news around you but I would really say invest in yourself. Eat healthy. Sleep well. Take your vitamins. Do yoga and keep a routine on to stay balanced. Because you need to be strong right now. For yourself and for those around you.”

The actress also stressed on the importance of proning at home. Proning is used to describe a process of a covid patient turning from their back to their stomach so as to have your face down. It is a medically tried and tested position to improve comfort and oxygenation and is beneficial to covid-19 positive patients to breathe better.  -Niharika Keerthi