Tips to keep your nails healthy

Taking that extra care of your nails results in healthy nails. Few simple tips can help you in maintain your nails in a proper condition and these tips can be inexpensive and very easy to follow.

Nail Polish:
Everyone will be in a notion that nail polish might harm your nails leaving them unhealthy which is absolutely wrong. Nail polish isn‘t harmful, although you should give you nails a break on the polish periodically. Keep your nails neat and clean with few simple practices like wearing gloves to your hands during working in the garden or kitchen to protect the nails and keep the dirt away.

Keep Nails Trimmed:
Trimming nails regularly helps in growing nails faster and in healthier way, this helps in avoiding snagging or braking of nails. Give that extra smooth effect to your nails by filing and moisturizing them with a moisturizer.

Minimize Manicure:
Regular expensive manicures can harm your nails leaving them brittle and unhealthy. Keep your manicures simple with nail trim and moisturizer, once you're done with cleaning finish it with a fresh coat leave it simple and neat. Avoid using acrylic nail colours.