Tips on how to run a marathon like a pro

Running a marathon required endurance. A marathon isn’t an overnight effort, it requires months of training and proper guidance to complete a marathon. We bring to you some tips on how to run a marathon like a pro.
1)    Professional Guidance
Running a marathon yourself is like hitting in dark. Chances to fail are more. Marathon runs require professional guidance to succeed.

2)    Right shoes for right run
Select the right shoes for your kind of feet. Today, there are lots of varieties of shoes to select from, so have a good time selecting the best that fits you.

3)    Cool clothing
This is not suggesting to wear new clothes directly on the marathon day but that you  choose clothes which can easily cool you down in the period of the run.

4)    A proper warm up and proper cool down pivotal
Never start a race without a proper warm up and never forget to cool down after completing the race. The muscles love it this way.

5)    Carbohydrate rich foods
The last 3 days before the run your diet should contain carbohydrate rich foods. 70% Carbohydrates + 30% protein content in food intake is recommended.

6)    Hydrate yourself
If you are thirsty, it means you are dehydrated. Have water every 20 minutes during the run.

7)    Understand your body
Whenever runners sense a little muscle pain, they should rest for a while to avoid cramps or injuries.

8)    For novices – Slow and steady wins the race
Running in groups gives the motivation required for the newbies. The thought of considering running a marathon itself is half the battle won, now win the remaining battle by slowly and steadily running the race to complete it.