Tips For Healthy And Positive Mind

In our ever demanding daily schedules, we face innumerable challenges in striking a balance between work and personal life. We are constantly immersed in culture, and on the lookout for instant gratification. In this scenario, it’s crucial for us to take control of our lives, and adopt a lifestyle of healthy contentment.

Priya Rajiv

Priya Rajiv shares with You & I some tips to keep the mind healthy and positive:

•    Laughter is the best medicine - A sure-shot way to improve your state of mind is to go through life laughing; try not to take yourself too seriously.
•    Find someone special- We all need a mentor or a special person to count on; someone we can turn to when we are in need of help. A person who can be called a friend or guide; who understands who you are; someone you can talk to, who helps you learn and evolve. A special person is someone who can help you realize your potential.
•    Make work fun - Enjoy your everyday work and make your work atmosphere friendly and cheery. Do not work in a vacuum.
•    Special moments - Make every moment special, irrespective of whether you’re alone or with someone close to you.
•    Spend time with yourself - Make some room in your busy schedule for some ‘me time’. Nothing beats spending a few moments on your own. Whether it’s listening to your favourite music or curling up on the sofa with a juicy paperback, show yourself a good time.  
•    Pamper yourself - A glass of good wine or some soft music can enhance the pleasure of the moment and cleanse the mind of negative thoughts. Take it one step further and indulge in a glass of bubbly! Wine can set the mood, while champagne can make the moments even more memorable! Or why not wine and dine with friends around whom you can really be yourself. Friends who can make you smile and elevate your mood can be a great stress busters.

mind healthy and positive

•    Savor the pleasure - Even during those moments when you feel stressed out and low, try not to erase the simple value of pleasure. These instances have proven to be most powerful and can motivate you if the energy is harnessed right.
•    Don’t lose the passion - Passion is the best makeup one can wear, as it keeps the fire burning. Passion in the form of intimacy or trust can make life beautiful. It helps you start the morning afresh, set to face the day ahead.

mind healthy and positive

•    Meditation and exercise - Meditation is an excellent way to relax the mind. It helps you concentrate on each of the senses. Don’t forget to exercise regularly and notice the difference in how you feel and see yourself. A regular routine not only recharges the body, but also the mind.
•    Catch up on sleep - Sleep is nature’s way of erasing the stress the body and mind goes through each day. But sadly, it is not given its due. Run a hot bath or sip a cup of herbal tea to get yourself into a peaceful state of mind before hitting the bed. This will help you get a good night’s sleep and ensure the mind is fresh when you awaken in the morning. Sleep is the most important ingredient that charges you up before the start of a new day.

So, even if it is a tough day at work or just stress of the everyday routine and its many demands, work smarter and healthier; and get ready to reap the benefits!