Tips For Brides-To-Be

Every bride wants to look her best for what is often one of the most awaited moments of her life– her wedding day. Since the bride is the centre of attention and there’s so much to do, it’s not easy to get ready for the big day. The excitement of the occasion may quickly put a radiant glow on the bride’s face, but preparation for the wedding day needs to start well in advance.
Just as all the bridal finery and the wedding-related events must be organised ahead of time, so too should the bride’s body and mind be well-prepared. Here are some tips for brides-to-be on how to get ready – in body, mind and spirit – for a once-in-a-lifetime wedding day:


•    Sign Up For Those Gym Or Dance Classes-There may already be a spring in your step at the thought of the impending wedding, but keeping the body active and fit is very important. Swinging and swaying to the music during a salsa class or running on the treadmill will not only keep you fit and full of energy, but it can also be fun!
•    Keep Your Favourite Music Handy- Listening to your favourite numbers can always pep up your mood. Music is known to keep the spirits high, and also relaxes the mind. It is also a sure-fire way of getting rid of the nervous fluttering butterflies in the tummy, even if just for a while!
•    Pamper Yourself-Indulge yourself in regular massage therapy. This gets rid of the toxins and relaxes the muscles, while also serving as a tension buster. Spending a few hours at the spa after all that wedding shopping is definitely a great way to unwind.

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•    Follow A Healthy Diet- Nothing beats the glowing skin that comes from following a wholesome and healthy diet. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and fluids to flush out the toxins from the body.

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•    Get Some Rest- It’s tough to get a good night’s sleep with an occasion as big as a wedding on the horizon. It seems like there are continuous events, parties and, of course, the shopping! But nothing’s more important than being well-rested when the big day rolls around. Ensure that you sleep a solid 6-8 hours a day leading up to the wedding.
•    Pay Attention To Your Skin And Hair- If you want to try some new cleansing products or colour your hair, plan it well in advance and be sure to take the advice of your beautician. Too many visits to the swimming pool are not advisable before the wedding; regular dips in chlorinated water can be bad for the hair, and may darken the skin.
•    Schedule A Trial Session With The Stylist- The week of the wedding can be super-busy for the bride. Set up a trial session with your stylist at least a week or two before the wedding.

Certain skin and hair care products might not be suitable to you and can cause irritation. A test run is mandatory, since you don’t want to find out at the last moment that you’re allergic to some fancy beauty product!

Indian weddings can be long affairs, so make sure all the makeup used on the wedding day is made to last. And don’t forget to keep a ready stash of lip colour or a hairbrush handy!
Nothing beats the radiance of a glowing bride. If you prepare well in the days before the wedding, you’ll be ready to relax and grab all the attention on your special day!

- Pallavi