Tips To Apply Smoky Eye Makeup

The classic smoky eye look often sported by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, Gigi Hadid, and Amber Heard is timelessly sexy. Whether it is grey, dark black, subtle brown or bronze this look suits every skin tone, and when paired with nude lips results in the perfect gorgeous look.

However many women skip the smoky look because it seems too hard to create. But here are a few simple tips to create the perfect smoky eye makeup shared by makeup artist Troy Surratt as told to Allure.

Smoky eyes

Seven tips to create the classic look:

1.    Use primer to stay smudge free- One of the most important steps before applying eye makeup is to use a primer to ensure the dark shadow and eyeliner stays longer without smudging.

2.    Use a bit of brown- One suggestion made by Surratt is to mix a brown shade while doing black smoky eyes. Surratt says that in order to create this look, one must use a black pencil to create a lining underneath the eyes and using a brush dip it into brown eye shade and blend both the shades together by applying over the liner.

3.    Play with colours- Troy Surratt says that eye makeup does not have to be in black instead he suggests experimenting with different shades.

4.    Stay close to the lashes- The makeup artist says that while applying the eye shadow one must make sure that the colour does not extend below the lower lashes and one tip to remember is to always ensure that the colour is dense and rich closer to the lash line.

5.    Blur Your Lines- To get the signature smoky look blend the eye shadow by running a crease brush or mini-dome shaped brush along the eyelids and the colour should be gently smudged under the eyes.

6.    Consider placement- Troy Surratt says that one must avoid bringing eye makeup into the tear troughs, area where concealer is applied. One important point to keep in mind while applying eye shadow is to always apply under the iris and the outer corners.

7.    Clean up- After applying eye makeup clean the extra colour with a Q-tip or eye makeup remover. Surratt says brighten the area near the lashes by applying little highlighter to the inner corners.

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Pic courtesy: (gigi)