Time: Our Undisputed Ruler

Time – one of the most significant attributes of our lives that one can’t stop, alter or end. It goes as it always has, progressing with every passing moment, bringing the future into the present, and converting the present into the past. Time is a lot more than the tick-tock of the grandfather clock on the wall; it is the moments we spend.
A lot of philosophy has been created around the concept of time. It has the power to shape thoughts, test and challenge characters, and change seasons. Its might is unmatchable, and its effects are everlasting. Several people have spent their lives trying to comprehend time and how our lives are inseparably connected with it. Its origin has bewildered and fascinated many – no surprise that the phrase ‘since the beginning of time’ accurately reflects the mystery surrounding its roots.
Our lives – schedules, routines, deadlines – are governed by time. Inflexible, rigid and precise – time rules us all. We wear time with us everywhere we go, measuring every instance and moment we spend. Sometimes generous, sometimes not so; time defines humanity and everything connected with it.

It is in honour of this enigmatic concept we call time that several wristwatch manufacturers and brands have created pieces that capture the essence of time. Performance and precision are two facets of time that every manufacturer endeavours to incorporate the highest levels of. It has been through an unfailing and untiring determination that brands have been able to produce watches that have not only excelled in terms of performance and precision, but also stood the test of time. With every watch a manufacture produces, it is incorporated with new and improved technology and appearance. Its transformation from a utility to an essential part of fashion reflects how the watchmaking industry has been revolutionised since its inception.
Escalating demand of wristwatches
Such is the popularity and demand of wristwatches that, as an industry, it has year by year produced statistics that glorify its existence. There were as many as 120,000,000 watches sold annually worldwide, StatisticBrain.com notes. With a large number of brands, Switzerland has catered most significantly to the wristwatch industry.  Be it in terms of design, appearance or performance, Swiss watches have attained an undisputable place of their own in the international market. These giants have a legacy; the quality of their products, the intricate and alluring designing they incorporate, and the status of affluence they symbolise, all contribute to why wrist watches never go out of fashion
Wristwatches are accessories that reflect luxury, sophistication and class. Regardless of the occasion, watches have become an empirical part of fashion. One’s clothing is incomplete without a watch that complements it perfectly. Be it a formal business meeting, a celebratory wedding function, a casual meet up with friends or a lazy picnic afternoon with family, a plethora of designs are available in the market. With a range of colours, exquisite designs and alluring appearances, they not only highlight one’s style but are also regarded as the definition of one’s personality.
Pop culture has served as a vital bolsterer for the industry. A dramatic increase in watch sales is experienced every time a popular celebrity wears it. Actors and personalities like Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Shahrukh Khan and Nicholas Cage are some of the names that have endorsed particular brands.
Collectors value timepieces as art. Timepieces are products that don’t merely serve the purpose of telling time, for there is so much more to them – they serve as a symbol of legacy. They are passed down from one generation to the other, like a look-back into the pages of a family’s history and roots. A father passes down a watch to his son, and the tradition is continued with each new chapter.

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