Tim Allen enjoyed being behind the camera!

Actor Tim Allen directed a few episodes of the Last Man Standing and said that it was a humbling experience. He said, “I liked directing the episodes. It's humbling and I'm grateful to be walking in other people's shoes.”

Entering into the 8th season, the show stars Tim Allen as Mike Baxter – a happily married father of three daughters who finds himself to be the odd man out as he tried to maintain his ‘manliness’ in a house that is dominated by women. His character also uses his job as a marketing director of Outdoor Man and his vlogs to promote his store’s products. He also shares his opinions and everything else that is going on in his life.

In the current season, Mike and Vanessa (his wife) are seen dealing with an ‘empty nest’, with all their daughters moving out. The show is currently streaming on Hotstar Premium.
Actress Nancy Travis (Vanessa) said, “There's a lot of beginnings and a lot of changes to the Baxter family. We have a marriage that's coming up and births! It's exciting.”          - IANS