Things To Remember While On A Road Trip

Road trips with friends are a fun and exhilarating way to catch up with each other. You enjoy the journey, food, sharing of old stories, the silence and making new memories leading to priceless moments. The following are a few pointers to remember while on road trips with friends.

Cash is never enough–ensure you plan and spend wisely

Remember to keep changing your seat

Let the drivers just drive- no multitasking

Travel Light –there is nothing worse than carrying heavy bags on road trips.

Feeling Nauseous? – sit by the window. Some fresh air will do you good.

Grab food whenever possible and always stock up on water– you may have to go miles without food at times.

Games!!– We all love them. Make sure to carry games or come up with fun road trip games. Be kids all over again.

Explore new paths – The best way to take the road less travelled diving into a new adventure.

Road Mix!! - Make sure you carry a peppy road mix to boost up the already enthusiastic travelers.

Click away – remember to carry your cameras and captures moments to reminisce in the future.

Live each moment to the fullest -This is the best bonding session you’ll will ever experience. Make sure to keep your phones aside and be part of a journey of a lifetime.

-Devashree Goenka