Things To Do Around Melbourne

Melbourne city is also known as Australia’s Cultural capital because of its diversity. There are many things to do in Melbourne even while staying downtown. You could visit the various art galleries or enjoy the different cuisines on offer. Apart from this if you fancy an adventure then escape to the wild life by visiting various sanctuaries and parks.
Here are a few suggestions to make your trip to Melbourne unforgettable:
Little Italy and China town:
Melbourne is known for the variety of cuisines and there are many restaurants that you can visit that guarantees delicious food as well as spectacular ambiance. Visit little Italy street to enjoy Italian food and visit Chinatown to enjoy the Chinese culture embedded in Melbourne which is also a chance to try many other Asian cuisines.
Melbourne Zoo and the Sea life Aquarium :
Melbourne Zoo is not like any other zoo as it contains more than 320 animal species from Australia and around the world. The Melbourne Zoo is a great place to enjoy and learn about the different animals and a great choice if you are travelling with children. If you have time to spare or want to make your trip child friendly then do take a quick look at the Sea life Aquarium where tourists can adventure through the penguin playground to the crocodile layer!

National gallery of Victoria and many more:
Being Australia’s cultural centre, the city boasts of many art galleries that you can visit to enjoy and learn the history of art. There are many galleries scattered around the city, from contemporary to modern art work. National gallery of Victoria is one of Australia’s oldest public art galleries that exhibit art from all around the world; an art lover’s paradise!! Gertrude contemporary, RMIT gallery Nellie Castan gallery and the Australian centre for contemporary arts. All these galleries are worth visiting, because they portray Australian culture and how diverse the country is.

Moonlit sanctuary wildlife Conservation Park and Healesville sanctuary
Australia is known for its wildlife sanctuaries. Having said this, it gives the tourists opportunities to experience both the wild and city life. The Moonlit sanctuary wildlife conservation park gives the tourists the chance to breathe in the fresh air and walk with Kangaroos. Other than enjoying the nature walk, along the way there are many Australian animals that tourists can visit such as the Tasmanian daredevil and koalas. Tourists can end their nature experience by watching the famous bird show and have them fly right above you. Healesville Sanctuary is very much the same, so if you are a nature lover then don’t give it a miss.