Things to consume and do to keep your hair strong and healthy!

Having hair is important to a lot of people, especially women, but maintaining it one can be tough if you aren’t blessed with healthy genes. Hair is affected by many things, from stress and age to the things you consume and surround it with. Maximum times it is difficult to change these factors, but there are things you can consume and do to keep your hair strong and healthy.

General Care:

Wash your hair based on its type. Most people end up doing this too often, which causes their hair to dry over a period of time. The longer your hair, the longer it can go without a wash. If you have a very oily scalp, daily washing is understandable. But remember to use an everyday shampoo with fewer chemicals; it’s milder on both hair and scalp.

Always use conditioner when you wash your hair, as it protects and untangles, which causes less breakage. Conditioning also smoothens, reduces split ends, and makes your hair shine. Apply it on the strands, not on the scalp. The closer to the scalp you apply it, the quicker your hair will turn greasy.

Don’t be rough on your hair while drying it. When you use a towel, don’t rub; this ruins the cuticle, making hair rough and frizzy. Instead, pat your hair dry, or wrap it with the towel. Avoid using hair dryers, straighteners as heat can compromise the texture and color of the hair.

What to Eat/Drink:

Zinc and protein are great nutrients – they stop your hair from falling. If you’re the adventurous, carnivorous kind, eat oysters to reduce hair fall, as they also keep your scalp moisturized. Another good source of protein is egg, which also contains zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron – all great for healthy hair. Iron is especially helpful as it transports oxygen in the blood, preventing hair loss.

Fish is a great source of protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines, mackerel and salmon are great for boosting hair growth and strengthening the hair shaft. Walnuts are rich in biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, copper and vitamin E, all of which help keep your hair’s natural colors richly intact.

Spinach and other greens (like broccoli and celery), though not many people’s favorites, are excellent for a lot of things.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy for Healthy Hair Days!

- Alekhya Reddy
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