There’s a New Bike in Town: The Vintage Electric Cafe

Vintage Electric has recently revealed the newest addition to the world of electric bikes – the wonderful Vintage Electric Cafe. Combining old school design cues with high-end electric drive trains, this new bike is one of the most powerful electric bicycles in the world today, and it’s available for $3,995.

The Vintage Electric Cafe is powered by a hub-drive motor, which can push it to a max speed of 28 mph. Well, that doesn’t sound too fast in a world dominated by cars, but hey, it’s still a bicycle.

The bike comes with a super comfortable and good looking perforated leather saddle and handlebars, with an integrated LED taillight. It comes in two colour palettes, golden gate red and skyline bronze, with an aluminium battery that can be charged in two hours and can provide a range of up to 60 miles.             - Courtesy: