Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding and The Optimum

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding


Ingredients                Qty

sweet ripe mangoes      4
Thai jasmine rice          150 gms
thick coconut milk        500 ml
sugar                          100 gms
pandan leaf                  1
sweet coconut cream    as required


Mix coconut milk, sugar, and the pandan leaf in a sauce pan over medium heat.

Simmer until the sugar is dissolved, and then discard the pandan leaf.

Rinse the rice, cover it with some water, and cook it in a rice cooker.

When it’s done, fluff the rice with a fork, add the sweet coconut milk, and let it cool.

Peel the mangoes, slice them, and keep aside.

Serve the coconut flavoured sweet rice drizzled with sweet coconut cream and sliced mangoes on the side.


The Optimum


Ingredients                        Qty

Ketele One vodka              45 ml
beetroot syrup                  30 ml
mango syrup                    30 ml
lime juice                         15 ml
egg whites                       15 ml

Break an egg in a bowl and separate the yolk from the whites.

Mix all the ingredients in a shaker.

Shake hard for a couple of minutes.

Pour the drink over a few ice cubes in a tulip glass.