The Thai Experience!

A post-graduate student from the city, Aashish Singh is an avid traveller who loves adventure sports and exploring new places. “I like to travel because it helps me learn a lot about new places and this is helpful since I’m trying to figure out where I’d like to settle,” Aashish says. He recently took a 10-day trip to Thailand with his dad. “We really wanted to get away from the monotony of Hyderabad and enjoy Bangkok’s famed nightlife,” he says.“We also had to attend my cousin’s wedding in Phuket, so it was two birds with one stone!”

The father-son duo first headed to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. The large city is known for its ornate shrines, spirited streets, and nightlife, and this was the first thing they wanted to check off their to-do list. Aashish tells us, “We headed out into the street and just walked around the city. The streets are so alive with tourists and locals alike; cafés, stalls, and everything you can think of!” He goes on, “We then decided to start off our trip with a bang and spent all night pub-hopping, and what an experience it was. The party scene is just so extravagant. Anyone who loves nightlife and partying will be enthralled by this city!”They also checked out some well-known tourist spots, like the opulent Grand Palace; the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, known for its reclining Buddha statue; and the famous riverside Wat Arun Ratchavararam.

“We then headed to Pattaya, a city on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand that’s known for its beaches and adventure water sports,” Aashish informs us. The city was a quiet fishing village up until the 1960’s, but has since become a popular tourist spot lined with resorts, shopping malls, and high-rise condos. Very close to Pattaya and often on tourists’ itineraries is the Wat Phra Yai Temple that features the well-known 18-metre tall Budhha statue. “We hit the beach, all pumped for some water sports and were not disappointed in the least,” he remembers.“My dad and I literally went for everything! We first went parasailing, which was an exhilarating experience. Then we did the beautiful underwater sea walk and got to see some extremely diverse aquatic life. Jet-skiing was a fun and exciting experience. The last thing we tried was the banana boat ride, and although it was a calm and serene experience, don’t expect it to be much of an adventure!”

The duo then had to head off to Phuket for the wedding and make their reluctant way back home. “Thailand was filled with memorable experiences,” Aashish gushes. “The nightlife, adventure sports, sightseeing, beaches, delicious food and, of course, spending some quality time with my Dad. I would certainly recommend both Bangkok and Pattaya to other travellers, as together they give you a well-rounded vacation!”            - as told to Tanya