Terrarium Eyes are a Must-try!

Are you struggling to create a cat-eye effect and haven’t mastered the false lashes, then this trend is for you.

The terrarium eyes trend involves sticking tiny flowers and leaves on the face in delicate motion. Ellie Costello, a 19-year-old makeup artist started this new trend of joining real flowers and plants with eyeshadows to create the trend known as terrarium eyes.

Terrarium Eyes Ideas:

This beauty trend is not for those with wobbly hands. It is definitely not suited for daily wear as the petals are likely to fall off thus pulling the look apart. But if you have a theme party coming up and you’re comfortable with pasting things to your face, then we suggest this trend.

1.Real Flowers:

The terrarium eye makeup look is achieved using different colors, real flowers, plants, and leaves for decorating the eyelids.

2.Rose Petals:

Experiment the eye trend using rose petals shredded into small pieces. The roses are an all-time favorite for many and we hope you like it too!

3.Flower Inspiration:

Most terrarium eyes are inspired by flowers. If you feel like going with the botanical theme for a particular event, then you know what to do!

Pic courtesy – circa.com