The Temple of Tranquillity - Sheetal Bangur, the art addict built herself a house, and then made it into a home by beautifying it with her impressive collection of various art

A house is made of bricks and beams, while a home is made of hopes and dreams. Sheetal Bangur, the art addict built herself a house, and then made it into a home by beautifying it with her impressive collection of various art pieces.

An art aficionado, Sheetal Bangur lives in her stunning house with her family of 9 adorable babies – her dogs Honey, Minnie, Happy, Little Boy, Khushi, Ria, Millie, Cookie, and Rishi! Located on Road No 10 of Jubilee Hills, her four bedroom house has three levels, and is set on a sloping site, with a cellar and stilt.

As Sheetal is an avid art collector, her house too portrays the same theme to display her ever changing arts and artefacts. The lighting and wall space is characteristically designed to allow room for different art installations with ease.

The colour palate of the interior is neutral to highlight and accentuate the art, and thus the colour of the art becomes the primary element of the house. The marble floorings have a touch of colour.

The stunning abode was designed by Nandu Associates, whose other projects include the residence of Srinivas Rao next door, the ‘Minakshi’ residence, Saptaparni, Hotel Marigold, and The AVASA Hotel.

The fixed furniture in the dwelling is mostly designed and made at site by a specialized team of carpenters from Mumbai. The loose furniture pieces are from various brands like Poltrana Frau, Georgetti, and Premamoria. The house is impeccably decorated with art from Sheetal’s personal collection, collected over two decades.

In terms of flooring, there are three types of marbles across the house – Light Empredor, which is the base marble, Grey Gold, which has been used as a highlight, and Antique Beige, which is used in the decorative skirting and staircase.

For her dream house, Sheetal aimed for a specific look – a house with clean lines that highlights Indian craftsmanship.

Not much of the house is visible from the road, except for the beautifully detailed gate made with wood and brass. The house slowly reveals itself as you drive up to it, two levels up the ramp. Arriving at the car porch, you’ll find the main door. As you enter through it, you’ll find yourself in a double height entrance foyer peppered with art pieces. You are greeted by a sculpture of Kamdhenu by artist Seema Kolhi, with the back wall holding up her collection of Vijay Sharma.

To the left of the foyer is the sunken drawing room with the puja room, and a door that leads to the terrace garden and the swimming pool. To the right are the dining room and the main staircase of the house. Some of her collections of Vaikuntham, Laxma Goud, Raza, and Bose Krishnama Chari are displayed on the walls of the dining area.

The house is well lit with natural light. The magnificent staircase is designed in a mix of metal and wood with marble for the flooring, and the railing is detailed in Corten steel with a wood hand rail. The dining table has blue leather dining chairs and is the centre point of this room. From the dining area, you have access to a bedroom and the living room, which is designed as a home theatre and entertainment space, and has access to the garden outside.

The first floor is completely Sheetal’s floor – it has her master bedroom suite, with a lounge, the bedroom, her own bathroom suite, and the dressing suite. The lounge and bedroom are in the same space, separated by three steps and the four poster bed is the highlight of the bedroom.

The other side of this floor consists of her dedicated workspace and home office, with its flexible sitting lounge. She also has her own terrace from where you can see the terrace garden and the pool below. Attached to the workspace is her custom designed art storage space that holds her collection of art not displayed on the walls.

The 2nd floor of the house has two additional bedrooms, a family room, the spa and salon, the yoga room, and the terrace.  The highlight of this floor is the beautifully designed salon and spa.

“A home is a place to share warmth, love, laughter, secrets, and all your highs and lows,” says Sheetal. “So I designed my home to be just that – nothing more, nothing less. As such, I enjoy all the different spaces at different points of the day.”

                            - Devanshi