Technologically Speaking

As our species becomes more and more technology-oriented, our psyches change.
With advances occurring daily, we have become more dependent on technology than ever. That may sound a bit negative, but there are always two sides to any coin. We decided to delve into how technology affects us – in both positive and negative ways – across different aspects of our lives.
On dreams and perception
For years, people have talked about the effects of gaming. The common denominator between gaming and dreaming is that both present alternate realities. Though they may differ (biology vs. technology), both affect your everyday life and impact your conscious mind’s reactions to real-world situations.

On dreams and perception

Hardcore gamers play at least two hours a day, several days a week (or more). These people are more likely to have lucid dreams, be more focused, and remain aware of real-life spaces. It also enhances their immunity to nightmares and terrors. Speaking of gamers, they may also find it easier to move between their own beliefs and other people’s points of view. Knowing how to manage an alternate reality helps them better understand first- and third-person perspectives.
On reality
Many people use technology to escape their real lives and their very real problems. It offers an easy out from what we don’t want to deal with. When things aren’t going too well in reality, many people choose to build a false image in order to feel better. Games like Second Life may have their advantages, helping you live vicariously through your avatar, but the effects can be rather dire if you’re facing serious problems that need to be sorted.
On communication
With technology, communication has undergone a revolution. You no longer need to wait for days or weeks to send a letter and receive a reply. We’re constantly connected through our mobile phones and applications. Everyone is a call or message away, and social media has made it possible to re-connect and keep in touch with people across the world. It can be a powerful means of strengthening relationships.

On communication
On social skills
Though the Internet and social media have made us more sociable in many ways, it has caused a paradoxical lack of interpersonal skills away from the screen. Being used to conversing with people through technology and with limited face-to-face interactions, people have grown more introverted. Many have lost their social etiquette.
On work and careers
The use of technology in business has surely allowed small companies and giant firms alike to flourish, which in turn has brought success to countless individuals. Thanks to technology and the growth it offers, many people have more stable lives and minds.
On health and stress
With this growth comes an increase in work. Though our lives may have become easier and in many cases more successful, our work follows us everywhere. Even on vacation, many people feel compelled to be on their smartphone, catching up with e-mail. There is limited downtime, and this has a significant effect on stress levels.

Technology has made great leaps in the medical arena, and has provided many solutions to previous drawbacks and diseases. It has also had an adverse effect on health, what with pollution and radiation. In addition to medical advances, technology has offered us solutions to manual labour. Many jobs and tasks that posed tanglible risks to human life have been made safer with the use of technology. This in turn has reduced the number of health risks to employees.

On education
On education
While many people try to refrain from introducing technology to a child during her education, there can be positive effects. Many parents and educators even swear by it, encouraging the use of technology in learning environments. Some research has shown that computers and games have helped children learn faster, and it piques their interest.

Consider that many subjects and courses were not easily available to us prior to the advent of the digital age. With time, it has become possible to study online with little regard to physical distance, allowing people to be more positive and proactive about chasing their dreams. After all, this is a huge part of life, and has a significant impact on individual happiness and psyche.
On knowledge and intellect
Thanks to the Internet and how easily available most information is, people have become more aware and knowledgeable of many things. Though there may be a lot of inaccurate information out there, it is just as easy to find the right stuff if you know how and where to look. From the Beatles’ personal lives to Antoni Gaudí’s architecture, it’s all available virtually free of cost.

On knowledge and intellect
On privacy and security
Technology has led to a decline in personal space and privacy, and it seems that almost all your information is readily available on platforms like Facebook. This can be a rather dangerous thing, physically or otherwise. Identity and financial theft have become easy thanks to the Internet. But in other ways, technology can keep you safe. Tracking devices, cell phones and other gadgets help you know that your loved ones are safe, as well as give you your own sense of safety.                                                                  ..... Saloni