Techniques To Relax Mind and Body

Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist or just somewhere in between, you can’t deny the power of positive energy. Theories of good and bad energy abound, and it’s a given that the more positive things are, the better. There are plenty of things we can do add some positive vibes to our everyday lives, to make each day at least a tiny bit better. While there is a variety of beliefs and practices that come from different cultures, here are a few things that can help add that small dose of good vibrations to your life!


Windchimes are a popular choice as a decorating idea, but few are aware of the amount of positive energy that is reportedly stored within them. A windchime is basically a musical instrument that is played by the wind. It can be made from a variety of materials including metal, wood, shells and ceramics. The sound or tone the windchime makes depends on the materials used, as wells as the length of the chimes.

Windchimes have been around for millennia, since prehistoric man strung shells from trees outside his dwelling place. Originally believed to ward off bad luck, windchimes are now symbolic of peace, good fortune and happiness. The ear is connected to almost all the cranial nerves, which in turn are connected to the rest of the body. Hence, listening to soothing, peaceful sounds can affect the mind, causing it to relax. This feeling of relaxation and relief can send positive vibes to the brain and lift your spirits.

Windchimes are believed to have the ability to lift a person’s mood and even alter the atmosphere in a room. They can pierce through anxiety, get creative juices flowing and positively affect a person’s state of mind. The soothing tinkling of windchimes can send out positive vibes, and they’re a great way to add that touch of positivity to your home, office or anyplace.


Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of building and placing objects to increase the flow of “chi” or positive energy, is a very popular concept today, in India and throughout the world. The mirror is popularly used in Feng Shui to draw in more chi or positive energy. Symbolising the element of water, mirrors are very potent because, if placed correctly, they can dramatically affect the flow of chi. Mirrors can do more than expand space and create the impression of a larger living space; they can also bring a feeling of soothing calmness to a space. Mirrors bring the positive energy of water, and deflect negative energy back to its source. But the specific placement of mirrors is extremely important. For example, one must never place two mirrors facing each other, since they negate the effect of the other. Also, in Feng Shui, the shape of the mirror and the material of its frame alters the effect a mirror can have on its surroundings. So try placing a mirror in your living or work space to ensure that the chi is flowing!


The Colour Blue

If you’re feeling blue, then what you may need is a bit of the colour blue! Colour therapy is the science that explains the meaning and connotation behind each colour, and it’s said that blue is symbolic of serenity and calmness. To the mind, blue denotes serenity and it affects the mind positively. It also helps concentration and calms the mind. The colour of the skies and the seas, blue is universal and is frequently the best colour choice for bedroom walls, since its soothing effect promotes sound sleeping. In many cultures, the colour blue is believed to bring peace and drive away evil spirits. That basically means this colour can deflect negative energy.

According Feng Shui, each colour represents a particular element like earth, fire, wood, water and metal. Blue represents water and its healing and refreshing properties. Different shades of blue mean different things according to this philosophy; light blue is the colour of harmony and growth, while dark blue denotes calmness and serenity. A combination of blue and white is said to be the most calming, since it brings the “energy of unlimited sky and happiness into one’s space”! So if you want to add some colour to your surroundings, then pick shades of blue that are sure to bring calmness and positive energy into your life.

Three simple things to add a bit of extra positivity to your life. Give them a try and feel the good vibrations!