Tasty Dinner Time Recipes

Red wine flavored corn fed chicken breast with Wonderful aroma is prepared with tender and juicy chicken, when served with mashed potatoes and healthy vegetables is the perfect dish for a family gathering. A delicious Italian dessert Chocolate delight made with rich dark chocolate is a must try. A Chef from Taj Banjara has shared these mouth watering recipes.

Corn-fed chicken breast

Ingredients                           Qty

Chicken breasts                      2

Chicken stock                        150 ml    

Polenta maize                         25 gm

Beet root grated                      25 gm

Carrot (boiled and diced)          25 gm

Bell pepper (diced)                  25 gm

Potato     (boiled and diced)     25 gm

Beetroot (grated)                    10 gm

Rosemary (sprig)                    1

Red wine                               25 ml

Olive oil                                 50 ml

1)    Marinate the trimmed and cleaned chicken breasts in olive oil, salt, crushed pepper and rosemary; refrigerate for an hour.
2)    Sear the chicken breast on both sides in a flat, warm pan. Cook in preheated oven at 180° C for eight to ten minutes.
3)    Deglaze the same pan with red wine and reduced it half with 50 ml of chicken stock, add seasoning and grated beetroot. Cook for about five minutes over a low flame. Set the sauce aside.
4)    Set the stock on simmer; season with salt, pepper and herbs. Gradually add the polenta and cook till desired consistency is reached.
5)    In 1 Tbsp of olive oil, sauté the diced vegetables and season. Set aside.

6)    Place the warm polenta in the centre of the plate and top it with the tossed diced vegetable. Top with cooked chicken breast, pour hot sauce over it. Serve hot, garnished with fresh rosemary sprig.
Chocolate Delight

Ingredients                    Qty

Dark chocolate             200 gm

Butter                          125 gm

Eggs                            3

Sugar                           100 gm

Flour                             70 gm


1)    Melt chocolate and butter over double boiler.
2)    Beat the eggs; mix in the sugar, add to the melted chocolate and butter mixture. Gently fold in the flour and pour into greased and dusted moulds.
3)    Bake at 240° C for eight to ten minutes, set aside. Remove from mould while still slightly warm.
4)    Reheat for 20 seconds; serve immediately with a scoop of ice cream.