Tales of Trails!

Tejaswi Madivada is popular dancer and actor from the city. According to the young lady, however, her main goal in life is to visit as many places as she can. “I know it will be impossible to cover the entire planet in one lifetime. But if it were, that would be my goal,” she says. “Whether it’s for work or for leisure, I try to travel as much as I possibly can!”

Part of the reason Tejaswi loves acting is that she gets to travel so much and see so many new places. “Each trip I take teaches me something new and different,” she says. “Every time I travel to a new place, it makes me look at the world differently than I did before!” Most recently, Tejaswi took a trip to the Himalayas on a beautiful trek and told us all about it!

One of the most amazing experiences for anyone who loves adventure is to take one of the many thrilling Himalayan treks, and Tejaswi knew she had to do it too! The most popular of all Himalayan treks is the Roopkund Trek. This fascinating trail initially takes you through dense virgin forests of Gharoli Patal, where the light penetration is minimum and you have to keep close to your group. You even get to camp right in the middle of the forest, in a clearing that’s surrounded by ancient oak trees and looks like something out of a LoTR book!

However, just as your eyes start getting used to the dim light and you learn to duck and curb your step, avoiding branches and twigs; you burst into the stunning Ali and Bedini Bugyal. The two gigantic meadows are breath-taking. With views of the magnificent Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti on one side and the imposing Chaukhamba range, Neelkanth, Kedarnath, and Kedar Dome making a stunning picture on the other side; leaving the meadows is quite the task!

From there, there’s a lot of ups and downs, literally. You go via Pathar Nachuni to Bhagwa Basa, past Ghora Lotani and Kalu Vinayak until you finally get to Roopkund. The very last stretch of the trek is exhausting yet exhilarating, over a snowy flank that requires you to use all four limbs to get past it. You don’t see Roopkund until you get past this snowy flank, but when you do; it’s a sight to behold! If you’ve seen pictures of it on the internet, prepare to be absolutely stunned by its beauty in reality. The pictures do no justice to it whatsoever!

If the sheer magnificence is not enough, the lake is surrounded by mystery. It’s something that has left scientists, historians, and anthropologists alike at a loss for an explanation. There’s a lot of folklore surrounding the 300 skeletons in the lake, but those are best heard from the guide, while sitting by the lake itself!

“I would recommend that everyone go for a Himalayan trek,” Tejaswi tells us. “There’s something about it that’s humbling and glorifying all at once! It teaches you simplicity and brings you down to earth,” she concludes.           

- Tanya