Take Me to Funky Town

Prateek Nair and Rishav Chhabra are partners in Funky Town, which handles new musical talent in Hyderabad and gives them a platform to showcase their abilities. They also hold gigs at popular restaurants and establishments across the city. This week, You & I sat down with the duo to talk shop.
Tell us how you started Funky Town.
As avid lovers of the entertainment scene and its elements, it was a matter of time before we stepped in to contribute to and innovate in the existing scene. Funky Town is not run by one or two people, as it is not an organisation in its truest sense. We classify it as a community driven by people from all walks of life: DJs, vocalists, instrumentalists, music /dance enthusiasts, restaurant/hotel owners, and corporates.
In the early days, we were experimenting with different ideas at Under Deck (Taj Banjara) and Bombay Duck. One of our biggest lessons from these experimental nights was the success of a live band followed by a DJ. The next stop in the Funky Town journey took us to Sky, located at Avasa, where we worked on two different concepts: Funky Town Brunch and Sunday Sundowner.  The brunch took place by the open pool to rave reviews.
So what are you guys about, exactly?
Funky Town focuses primarily on creating and curating nightlife and entertainment concepts across the city. In the past, most of our products have been pivotal around the worlds of music, dance and comedy. One of the aspects we take pride in is providing a platform to young and up-and-coming talent across the local scene. We take our artist management division very seriously to make sure the best talent gets the best platforms. Significantly, we manage Bugs And Daffy Save the World (pop/rock) and Rishav Chhabra (club artist), who have played at landmark venues across the city. Despite not being from Hyderabad, we’re trying our best to stir up nightlife and entertainment in the city through our gigs.
Who are your target clientele?
Funky Town does not believe in focusing on a target clientele. Anybody who is accepting of new and fun ideas will come to like Funky Town and what we associate with. Our strongest partners are among the best brands in Hyderabad and the country, such as Olive Bistro. Together, we’ve created a perky nightlife concept called Clueless 90s, which takes place every Saturday. On these nights, you see several elements that take you back to the 90s, including Polaroid pictures, mute screenings of “Mr. Bean”, Sega video games, popsicles, and of course The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and the like.
How long have you been around?
We complete a year this month, over the course of which we have curated and associated ourselves with 50+ high-quality gigs, 15 national and international artists, and attracting the best audiences in town. All this would have been impossible without the support of Hyderabad and the followers of Funky Town, who have shown tremendous loyalty and support through good times and bad. We are working on ways in which we can show appreciation and recognise each of the Funky Town loyalists.
Prateek Nair and Rishav Chhabra 
Tell us about your vision.
From day one, we have envisioned a festival including all the elements of live and electronic music, stand-up comedy, fashion and food, attracting people from all walks of life. We look to bring this dream to reality rather soon. Along with creating new nightlife properties, we are focusing on managing quality artists looking for a deserved platform.
How has the growth been?
We have seen tremendous growth and potential in Hyderabad ever since we stepped in. The people of the city have been extremely warm and welcoming, to both people and fun ideas. To top that, the corporate market in Hyderabad is attracting the best youth from across the country, which only encourages us even further to deliver better, faster and newer products.
Anything else you’d like to share?
We at Funky Town believe in associating with different concepts along with the focus in order to build industry expertise. Recently, we’ve partnered with Smaash, a nationwide gaming arena, for its launch night at Inorbit Mall along with their brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar.  We’ve got a few corporate events under our belt, too, making sure we’re equipped for all kinds of experiences.     – as told to Vatika