Take it Easy!

Remember how ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz got us all happy and dancey? This feels-king has released yet another song with a light and breezy vibe with lyrics that appeal to the most vulnerable part of you. ‘More Than Friends’ is a song about two very close friends who want to be more than just that and are on the verge of letting their feelings out. Mraz is joined by Meghan Trainor for this light-hearted duet and we can’t stress how well her dainty voice complements Jason Mraz’s smooth tones. “I wanna tell everyone you're taken, and take your hand until the end” the duo croons as we can’t help but swoon!

Very aptly made for the vibe of the song, the lyric video consists of what looks like very colourful petals floating into the centre of the screen to eventually form a vibrant heart while the lyrics are scrawled in cursive writing across the screen. This chill song that is filled with hope is bound to be your newest earworm. 

-Tanya Francis
Pic Courtesy: musikfest