Taj Mahal gets shut down, demolished or restored?

The protection of the Taj Mahal has been described as a hopeless cause. The Supreme Court has tore into the central and Uttar Pradesh governments and stated, “Either we will shut down the Taj, you demolish it or restore it.” 

The Supreme Court was hearing a petition that was called for the proper maintenance of the Taj. Taj is a 16th century marble mausoleum, which is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This draws thousands of tourists from abroad and the country itself, as it is one of the most visited monuments.  

The UP government failed to find a solution to preserve and protect the Taj, hence the court had given their decision of either it will be shut down or demolished and restored. 

Even, the chairman of the Taj Trapezium zone has to give an explanation for the violation of the court’s ban on the expansion of industrial units in the zone.

Earlier this year the court blamed the Archaeological Survey of India for the failure to preserve Taj. 

The court has noted the fact that the monument had become yellowish, and now it is turning into brown and green due to the pollution. The judges have said that the case would be heard on the day-to-day basis from July 31st. 

-    Mantika kaur kandhari
Pic Courtesy: https://pixabay.com