Taapsee Pannu talks travel and fashion

At the ongoing LFW X FDCI event in Mumbai, there's a whole dose of fashion and celebrity glamour. Actress Taapsee Pannu walked for designer Gaurang Shah dressed in a traditional signature Gaurang Banarsi saree in shades of green and lavender. IANSlife caught up with the actress for a quick conversation.

Q: Are you looking forward to on ground fashion events and the energy that comes with physical shows and appearances?
I'm looking forward to events returning to our lives, and definitely in fashion and particular. I am not someone who's really great with fashion and am particular about who I wear. I like certain kind of styles and collections or designers who resonate with my personality like Gaurang. But other than that, I'm looking forward to events returning in our life.

Q: The outfit that has been chosen for you. How does it complement you and your personal style?
The colours help uplift my mood, but apart from that, it makes me feel very special, very beautiful because the saree is one of my favourite outfits to wear.

Q: When it comes to the world of fashion, celebrity collaborations are replacing celebrity muses; your thoughts on this?
Yeah, why not I feel, a muse is about the brand, the designer, things they identify their collection with, having a muse is a normal thing.. so I find it you know, what the brand or the designer feels. It identifies their collection with, and, well, different art forms now having a muse is something which is seen as a normal thing. So, I find it a very good trend or a good thing to have muse for designer.

Q: What is your take on sustainable fashion and how do you support it?
A: I have been trying to start using sustainable fabrics and trying to support sustainable fashion, and the fact that I can pick my outfits in the films I do, recently, I made sure in one of my films that my outfits are made of biodegradable sustainable fabric. So that is I think one place where I can really help, because so many clothes used in movies get wasted; eventually you can really reuse them and use environment-friendly fabric.

Q: An experience in your life that you're waiting to have?
A: I am waiting to have all the experiences. I've not lived my entire life. So I don't want to know those experiences beforehand. Otherwise, it kills the surprise.

Q: You're an avid traveller what would you consider your top travel essentials?
A: A good pair of sneakers, a good internet connection, and it'll be nice to have some money in your bank.           - IANS

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