Swimwear Collection Inspired by Shades of the Sky

Inspired by the myriad shades of the sky, swimwear brand Flirtatious presents ‘Eclectic Sunset’, which celebrates the many moods of sunset. Focusing on the colour and the endorphins that the sky has to offer, the collection features an eclectic mix of versatile silhouettes and artistic patterns.

“During the lockdown, looking up at the sky was the closest one could get to understand how beautiful the world we live in is. We learned to look up from our screens and appreciate nature at its best. Sky has character! Whether on a drive or a vacation, the sky has always been part of my creative journey. And Eclectic Sunset is an ode to the sky and has something for everyone,” says Aakriti Grover, founder of Flirtatious.

Keeping it versatile to take your swimwear from the beach to the city, the collection celebrates Flirtatious’ iconic styles in swimwear, beachwear, athleisure wear, and nightwear. Each creation is complemented with a set of intriguing patterns and textures with a hint of tie and dye. From hues of lavender, blue, pink and yellow to dark tones of black, green, and orange, the palette is an expression of the sky which comes to life in Eclectic Sunset.

Sky's the limit 

With a wide range of monokinis, bikinis, kaftans, sports bras, leggings, shorts and more to choose from, each design has been created with utmost care. Made from fabrics such as regenerated nylon, each creation is a reflection of the sky through Aakriti Grover’s eyes. So, pick your mood and match it with the many moods of the sky presented in a trendy, functional and dazzling way by Flirtatious.

Cloudy with a Chance   

Soft, puffy, and pure define the white clouds best! Taking inspiration from the clouds in the sky, the silhouettes are free-flowing and chic. Lounge in them or team it with accessories, the ensembles are classics to flaunt this season!

A Lavender Sky 

You sense a feeling or calm and serenity when the sky leans towards lavender. This light shade of purple when combined with bold tones and prints form a great background for creative cuts and patterns.

The Tie and Dye Sky 

It feels great when the sky paints a thousand colours, and you get to experience the magic every single day. The tie and dye effect resonates with the magic the sky creates by blending multiple colours together. Soak in some sun or relax in these silhouettes created with a hint of tie and dye. 

The Two-Tone Sky 

Two-tone colours play an integral part in this collection. From athleisure to swimwear, you can choose from the two-tone designs available in colours such as sky blue, lavender, brown and rust orange.