Sweet Toothin’ - Rabri – India

India is known for its love of desserts; from halwahs to gulabjamun, Indians can’t seem to get enough of the sweet treats that are omnipresent in the country. One of the most popular sweet dishes India has to offer is rabri, and if you haven’t treated yourself to a bowl of this delicacy, then you’re missing out! Rabri is condensed-milk-based, giving it a creamy texture which is cut by additions such as nuts and dry fruits. Sweetened milk is heated in a kadhai or wok till it changes texture. The special part about Rabri is that it isn’t just enjoyed as a stand-alone dessert, but is also poured over other desserts such as a crunchy jalebi or sugary malpuas as a topping. This versatile dessert has so many different flavours and versions that it might be impossible to try them all. But a hot bowl of this creamy concoction is a delightful companion for you during a cold winter.      - Pic: youtube.com