Sweet Toothin’ - Ice Cream – China

Ice cream might be one of the most commonly enjoyed desserts in the world. The endless variations and combinations make ice cream the most versatile dessert around. However, one might be shocked to learn that the Chinese were the original creators of ice cream. China has been credited for coming up with the earliest version of ice cream, which consisted of buffalo milk, flour, and camphor, that was then mixed with ice. It is said that the Chinese King Tang of Shang enjoyed this treat so much that he hired over 90 men to make it for him on a regular basis. 200 BCE saw the Chinese use snow to pack a mixture of rice and milk, which was very similar to the ice cream we know and love today. The Chinese even invented the very first ice cream machine by filling pots with a particular syrup that they then packed into a mixture of salt and snow to freeze it. Early ice creams were enjoyed more as a luxury for the rich and as it spread, various fruits were used to flavour it. It is estimated that today, an average resident of the US enjoys about four gallons of ice cream every year!