Sweet Toothin’ - Crème Brûlée – France

Although England, Spain, and France have long disputed which country invented the popular crème brûlée, the very first record of this luscious dessert was in a 1691 edition of a French cookbook by Francois Massialot, who was a chef in the famous palace of Versailles. It consists of a smooth and creamy body made of a rich custard base with a layer of hardened, caramelised sugar. The beauty of this dessert lies in the contrast between the layers due to the crunch of the caramel. There has obviously been some tampering done to the original recipe – mainly concerning the burning of the caramel, which originally used to be just placing a pre-made caramel disk atop the base. We can see how this delectable dish could have been created in France, considering the country’s unique and often experimental take on food. This has enabled the country to create one-of-a-kind dishes such as crème brûlée and mousse, which have won hearts all over the world.