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Sahil Salathia, a well-known supermodel and actor is a passionate solo traveller who has visited 52 countries so far. He has toured Europe, a lot of countries in Asia, the US, and several others. Here are his top five places to visit, in no particular order.

Cape Town
“Everyone must visit Cape Town because you get the mountains and beach at the same time and place,” insisted Sahil. The food is delicious as are the people, he says. “They are kind, always smiling, and the kind of beautiful people who always make you feel welcome.The hikes in Cape Town are amazing; the Lion’s Head and Table Mountain hikes, although a three hour hike is something one should not pass up on,” Sahil recommended. Shopping for souvenirs is certainly advisable as the African art and culture is unique and very interesting to someone who can appreciate it. The safaris are inexplicable as is the diving with the sharks. There are things you can only experience in its full potential in Africa and these are two such. The Cape of Good Hope is another mesmerising sight to see for anyone who visits, as is the picturesque Clifton Beach.


“It is heaven on earth,” remarked Sahil. The water is blue while the structures are all white. “A lot of Hindi films, like Chalte Chalte, have been shot in Santorini. The cruises and the sun bathing in Santorini are experience one should not miss. They also have luxurious resorts with Jacuzzis and lovely views in this lovely little town, from where you can see the volcano that isn’t active right now but emerges from the middle of the water, forming a beautiful sight. “Athens, the capital city of Greece, is a must-visit on your way to Santorini, and it would make sense to stay there a couple of days and visit sites like the Acropolis,” Sahil advised.

Los Angeles
“It is not a place for tourists but is a place for a traveller to visit,” Sahil mused. “The California sun is perfect and anyone could attest to that, irrespective of the geography they have grown up in. The beaches, from Santa Monica to Malibu, like the popular El Matador State Beach, make for such stunning settings that it would be a shame to go without witnessing them,” he says. A favourite spot for Hollywood holiday homes, Los Angeles is also great for shopping and movies. The museums and art in this place are other facets that are most definitely worth exploring. “Lacma Museum is my favourite. But don’t think the nightlife is lacking in anyway, in spite of the fact that it ends at 1 am,” Sahil says. Beverly Hills is the most popular area and if possible, one must stay in a hotel in Beverly Hills to get the proper feel of it. Rodeo Drive, where Pretty Woman was shot is another place to visit, irrespective of the type of traveller.


“Although it is a small city, what is really striking is that it is spotlessly clean,” said Sahil adding, “The civic sense, love for society, and respect for the communityis something that every one of us must learn from. Sentosa is a beautiful beach to visit while in Singapore.” The shopping and food is great and suitable to our tastes as it has a lot of Indian influence. Sahil had to include the Marina Bay Sands Resort that is one of the most wonderful resorts to stay in. He states, “Its pool is iconic andone of the best swimming pools I’ve ever been to.”


“Budapest is refreshingly affordable for a European city. The public baths are really cool and something one must certainly give a shot. They’re outdoor and hygienic so there’s nothing to worry about,” Sahil remarked. There are two parts to Budapest – Buda and Pest. Buda has an imperial air, while Pest houses the bars and cafes. The bridge that connects the two is called the Chain bridge and the walk across it is lovely.

“Traveling enriches you as a person because you learn so much from the people and cultures you meet and explore along the way. Everything from their posture to body language is diverse and intriguing,” Sahil responded when asked about why he enjoys travelling so much. Most of his trips are solo ones because he believes that there is no need to have people to experience the best of the traveling experience.His love for travel is such that he doesn’t let anything get in his way.    --Tanya