Sustainable Beauty - Saiba Ismail

Saiba Ismail describes herself as “passionate, driven, creative and a perfectionist” and we agree. Playing her part to make a change in the world, this young lady started her organic wellness brand Vanarc. Here’s more about the brand and this prodigy’s journey.

How did Vanarc Organic Rituals come into being?     
Vanarc Organic Rituals is the result of my passion for exploring and utilising the ancient and natural secrets and remedies to everyday challenges. From beauty, hygiene, mental wellness and protection from daily exposure to harmful factors, we have the solution to it all. The design of every product goes beyond the composition and content of the product itself. Every aspect of the product from the feel, aroma, and look is carefully selected to combine chromotherapy, the science of using colours to enhance and balance moods; and aromatherapy. Scent and smell are associated with memory and mood. They have an incredible influence on how we feel and how others perceive us as well. They boost your mood, self-confidence and is incredibly empowering. 

How has the journey been so far? 
Professionally it has been challenging and exciting with all the research, hard work and wearing multiple caps for multiple roles, which are typically associated with the start of a new company. Being a social enterprise, it is crucial to focus on every aspect of the brand to stay true to our end goal. We continually interact with our patrons to get feedback and grow. We have had tremendous success in the corporate gifting and wedding sector. With the fast-paced and stressful lives of an MNC individual, we have a variety of products such as shower gels, lotions, bath salts, bathing bombs, etc. to help alleviate stress and stress-related pains, sore muscles, insomnia and anxiety. Refreshing and exotic bath products and special soaks for hands and feet. 

Our bridal collection features a luxurious range of products to pamper and nourish your skin, leaving it with a glow, smelling divine and luxurious to touch. Our lotions, creams, oils and aphrodisiac range (especially diffusers) help accentuate the celebration.

Through Vanarc, what changes are you trying to bring?
As the name suggests, it is strongly driven by rituals. We have such a rich heritage of ancient rituals and natural practices to treat our body, mind and soul. For example, Vedic baths were designed not just to cleanse the body but to revitalise our mind and soul. Drawing from this ritual, we designed our Vedic range to cleanse and give you a heavenly, out of body experience. Similarly, all our products find their origins from ancient recipes and rituals to solve modern-day problems. It is important to know that 60% of what you put on the skin goes into the bloodstream. According to a study, women on an average absorb 168 harsh chemicals through their skin just through their daily routine. It is upon us to restrict the use of harsh chemicals and toxins. Hence it is vital to choose natural and organic ingredients and products for daily use.

I would also like to see a social change in our society with promoting equality through women empowerment, normalising mental health, a consumer market which is educated and conscientious and more people moving away from products which are loaded with strong and harsh chemicals. 

You’re also connected with your mother’s NGO…
Vanarc hires women from the Marg Foundation to manufacture and package the products. We work with these women who are victims of physical, emotional and mental abuse to skill and empower them and create sustainable livelihoods for them.

Apart from running a business, what else keeps you busy?
I am a student of law, studies definitely keep me occupied, but my passion for skincare keeps me busy by getting into research work on Ayurveda, ancient healing and beauty secrets. Since its a social enterprise, there are many critical on-going activities like skilling women, interaction with the farmers and FPOs all over the country, sourcing exotic ingredients for skincare and wellness globally etc.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Five years from now, I would like to spread the Vanarc Brand, across the globe, with its main aim to empower people with beauty and skincare. Our skin is the largest and most exposed organ; one must take good care of it and wear it well. It is our mission to use the secrets of our ancestors and nature to drive more natural and organic ingredients based skincare line. I want to create an experience for the customer, which will cater to their every need and create the awareness to be a more enlightened buyer.

My goal is to align my education and profession to be a global brand with a focus not just on beauty but using our online and offline platforms to create awareness and provide a safe haven for people to seek help for depression, anxiety, mental disorders, abuse with the help of professionals such as trained credible psychologists, counsellors, medical professionals, skincare/ wellness experts and legal experts.         - as told to Anahita