Superfast and Healthy Morning Treats

It is a known fact that breakfast has to be your biggest meal of the day. Eating breakfast has a huge list of benefits but the biggest one is that it helps you lose weight faster. But, finding the time to make breakfast seems to be the hardest part. Here are some superfast breakfast and mid-day snack ideas ideas that can help you burn fat faster!


Oatmeal has slowly managed to grab the top spot in the list of best breakfast options around the world. It contains beta glucan, a soluble fibre which keeps you satiated and regulates the levels of fat in your body.


This prized fruit can be consumed many ways – mash them for a morning toast, toss them into your salad or simply blend them for a smoothie. The fibre and healthy fats present in avocados control your appetite and release stored fat from your body. They not only help in weight loss but also improve the quality of your hair and skin.


Almonds are a great source of unsaturated healthy fats, protein and Vitamin E. Having a handful of them for your mid-day snack will keep your sugar cravings at bay and also leave you with a healthy, glowing skin!

Greek Yoghurt:

If you love having fruit for breakfast or your mid-day snack, go for it. But, also pour some greek yoghurt as a topping because with 59 calories per 100 grams, this superfood will leave you full until the next meal, stopping you from consuming more calories than required!

Now that you have a list of healthy options, go stock your pantry now!

-Nitasha Silesh
Pic courtesy: Pixabay