Summer Splendour

Summer has arrived with a bang, and Hyderabad sure sees its temperatures soar during this time of year. While summer may not give us women the chance to dress up with the same vigour that the winter months do, the beauty of this season is that you can shine with simplicity. While sticking to cool cottons is often the best bet when it comes to clothing, one can experiment with make-up to add some fun to the summer beauty regimen.

While heavy foundations and weighty make-up are a strict no-no because they make you feel hotter and leave you more prone to breaking out, make-up on the eyes and lips are summer-proof. Here are the top five beauty trends to try out this summer.


Pop lips
While scarlet lips are always in because of the old Hollywood glam association, this summer try adding a pop of colour to your pout. Think bright pinks and oranges which will look great against a summer tan, whether it is on the beach or at work.

80’s vibes
The supermodels look of the 1980s – with bare faces and lots of pink blush – is back! Junk the bronzers and go au naturale with a pop of blush on a bare face…you might even be mistaken for an 80’s goddess


Goodbye mascara
Although lots of girls can’t live without a swish of mascara to elongate and thicken their lashes, this summer, say goodbye to your mascara wands. Go for easy breezy, natural lashes instead.

Hot pink
Dab some hot pink eye shadow on your bare face for a pop of colour to help you stand out. For an even more subtle effect, choose a matte shadow rather than a glossy one. The goal is to add colour without making it too glittery.

Goddess Highlights
Another easy way to glow this summer is to use highlighter very strategically. Kate Lee, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Oscars make-up artist, gives us the lowdown on how she achieved this look.
Step 1: Choose your skincare wisely. A great base and good skin is the ideal blank palette for a great make-up look. To achieve this you will need to moisturise abundantly, and not just any moisturiser will do. We suggest you opt for something that imparts a glow, like Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Flash Balm. Any of the creams with “radiant”, “flash” or “glow” will work great.

Step 2: Highlighter first, then foundation. Kate says that she likes to incorporate the highlighter first, as a part of foundation. “I like to put the luminosity in the skin first and then spot treat. Bare cheekbones and luminiser is a good look. I used Rosie’s Marks and Spencer’s Starstruck Highlighter Stick, the shade of which is a nice nude, on the cheekbones and the top of her lips. Then I used Chanel Vitalumière Aqua under her cheekbones, on the forehead, and chin, applying with a damp beauty blender. This way you’re creating light with highlighter and diffusing it with the foundation.” The effect is an inner glow like no other.


Step 3: Highlight, highlight, and more highlight! Adding highlighter around the jawline is really the magic tip. Kate says, “It’s just something I do. It really makes the skin look tight and taut. Red carpet is an art, and you’ve got to work with every angle.”

Step 4: Don’t get too carried away with the glow. When you’re going for the glow, let everything else be understated, especially the eyes and blush, so as to not go overboard. In Rosie’s case, Kate went for an understated cat-eye, drawn with Chanel’s Longwear Cream Eyeliner, a tiny bit of contouring using Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in ‘Light’, and a little flush on the apples of the cheek using Chanel Joues Contraste ‘Rose Bronze’.

There you go, a couple of tips and tricks to make your summer just a little bit cooler and trendier.         –Suneela
With inputs from IntheGloss