The Stylish Indoor Camera

The Hive View by Yves Behár aims to blend in with the state of the art environment, while adding a sense of security to any homeowner. This stylish indoor camera fits naturally into any luxurious home, featuring a standout grab and go feature.

Showing off a compact and very elegant design, the Hive View camera will easily provide you with the best possible view, thanks to a choice of wall, shelf or magnetic mount. Able to rotate, flex and deliver a wide 130º field of view, this cool camera also packs HD live-streaming, person detection and camera history.

It will be available in a black and brushed copper version, or white and champagne gold, and it’s made of PCABS plastic and uniquely formed out of a single molding. This camera can be easily activated by movement, which will get it to record and send a notification if it detected something.