Still Fit and Fabulous! - Navin Ansal

He is undoubtedly one of India’s most stylish men, and yet he’s neither an actor nor a model. Navin is the man behind the luxe interior brand, Casa Paradox, which he started with his wife
Raseel Gujral Ansal after marriage. The Delhi-based gent has the kind of style that stands out in a crowd, not to mention that he is always complemented by his beautiful and stylish wife.

First things first: How do you have such a fabulous hair!?
I don’t maintain my hair in a very special way. I eat well and I take a lot of nourishment – supplements for my health. I don’t dye my hair, no chemicals at all – that keeps my hair healthy and controls hair loss.

You’ve been referred to as India’s George Clooney. What’s your take on this?
I had read somewhere that a guy on YouTube had called me India’s George Clooney. I have embraced it as a compliment because I am sure he meant it as one. What I think he was trying to get across through his video is that, at the age of 60, you can still look, feel, and act as if age is not a criterion for your well-being. I think the similarity between George Clooney and myself, according to the person who awarded this compliment to me, must be that he is also an iconic old gentleman with grey hair, who has maintained his health. I also think it’s a very positive statement, because if India identifies Indian individuals who have a similar impact as international personalities, then it’s a very good thing for the country.

You have an amazing sense of individualistic style. What does style mean to you?
You said ‘individualistic style’; style is individual. That is the main point about style – I don’t copy anyone, or follow any trends. I wear it like it is natural for me. The current trends doing the rounds in the world do not influence my sense of style at all. I wear what I like, regardless of what is categorised as the current trend, in terms of designs, colours, etc. The only style inspirations in my life were my father and my older brother. Other than that, it is all my individual take on it. I don’t do any thinking about my style. If I feel good and comfortable wearing what I am wearing, I go for it.

You are also incredibly fit. How do you manage this with your hectic lifestyle?
The four fitness activities that are a must in my life are running, walking, going to the gym and indulging in sports activities. I give importance to health over anything else. If my health is good, I feel good and that reflects in my work. What motivates me is my desire to feel good – not look good. In the last year, I have faced a few hurdles in maintaining my exercising routine because of injuries. But I make it a point to exercise regularly. I have always believed that fitness has a lot to do with your state of mind. There is a jungle here in Chattarpur, and I love to go walking or running amidst the calm and the serenity of the jungle. There is nobody there, no human beings allowed, only animals. It is my ultimate place to exercise, and it’s where I can enjoy some time alone.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give your 30-year-old self?
Giving advice to my 30-year-old self doesn’t matter. A 30-year-old would say to a 60-year-old, “You shut up, and let me live my life.” Also, I have no regrets. Just live your life as you want to, but be willing to pay the price for all the choices you make.    – as told to Suneela