In Step With The Season

When it comes to fashion, things work in cycles. What’s popular today might not be in vogue in a few months, but there’s no question that it’ll be back someday. This autumn/winter season, you’re going to want to look your best, but you’re also going to want to stay in step with current trends. That’s why we’ve compiled three tips each for your eyes, nails and lips that are sure to go down a treat.



  • Smoky Hybrid- The classic method of applying liquid eyeliner, using a flourished tick on each corner of your eyes, is still popular, quite likely because the cat’s eye design is still very much in vogue. You can opt for a number of variations of this look, and one of the most daring is what we saw on Lanvin’s models recently. Speckled black liner effects create a look that’s smokier than most, with the contrast between line and smudge lending tremendous character. Some people are calling it “dramatic enough to be seen from space”.
  • Luscious Lashes- Eyelashes and eyebrows are something of a science this autumn/winter, especially since the artists at fashion houses such as Versace and Gucci have added their own twists. One of the most eye-catching looks features spiky eyelashes paired with owlish eyebrows. It’s not easy to pull off, and you’ll need some quality products to make it work – lash doublers and curlers of the highest calibre.
  • From Another World- Givenchy proved that you can evoke centuries gone by, displaying some of the most ethereal looks known to man. Alien and ghostly, their models’ surreal looks were complemented by some incredible eye makeup. The contrast on their sockets can be replicated at home with a tawny pencil, while the ivory washed eyelids might take time to achieve, but they’re well worth the effort.
  • Mighty Marble- It’s no mean feat, but if you can replicate the texture of marble on your nails, you might have a winner. To get this right on the runway required dipping false nails into a bowl of varnish-infused water, and then using an orange stick to create a film in the liquid. This is incredibly difficult and time-consuming, but it’s one of the most incredible looks when you pull it off properly.
  • One... and One Only- You can always stick to solid colours, but it would have to be an exceptional shade and quality of nail polish. Nude, midnight blue, raspberry, gold, sapphire, emerald and cognac are essential, but only with a finish high on shine and deep in pigment. The dark nail look needs to be saturated, while lighter and nude shades should have as much sheen as possible. Gold can be used as lacquer or as an accent, but steer clear of flakes.


  • Beautiful Ballerina- Among the most esteemed makeup artists are those of DKNY, whose ballerina lips in rose and lilac are going down a storm. Adding volume, these shades make your lips appear lush and full. When you have a lip colour that reflects light, it works even better, and even more so if you have a small mouth. The beauty of pink is that it’s suitable for pretty much all skin tones, while lilac is a bit edgier – combine it with blue and violet makeup for pop effects.



  • Finger Stilettos- Welcome to the new world of lengthened nails – no longer just talons, but stilettos for your hands. The sharp, pointed end is the differentiating factor, and it’s quite remarkable. Two-tone stilettos will go down a treat; pair fuchsia and purple with lilac lips (see above) for a particularly incredible combination. You could also opt for a classic shade of nude, especially for more formal occasions that may call for more discreet makeup.
  • Metal Mania- Metallic lips were employed by James Kaliardos of Rodarte and Pat McGrath of Alexander McQueen, each of whom displayed this shimmering look in a unique way. Kaliardos opted for the dual-tone look, combining an earth-berry shade with mauve, and adding glitter to both. McGrath chose to adorn her models’ lips with a snowy tone, with a shade of gold sheen offering the final piece in the mystical look. The latter is probably more practical, though try to stay away from the trickier metallic shades such as bronze and copper.
  • Berry Blast- Since dark lips are back every autumn with a fresh twist, there’s no surprise that this year’s take on the subject is matte geisha heart. Fade the colour towards the corners of your moth so that the shape looks less pronounced, and go with gloss or balm over lipstick – full effect, minimal hardness, and the chance to pull off some tricky shades. Eschew liner and eye shadow, for you’ll want a soft outline and no other distractions around your face.