STALVEY 24K Gold Crocodile Skin Accessories

The New York-based brand, STALVEY has long dominated the exotic skin luxury accessories business with their high-end products. They introduced the 24k gold crocodile handbag and the accessories collection as a venture into the current fashion trends and more quirky products. They have since become the first brand in history to embed 24k gold into exotic skins! However, the process was not an easy one. It required over two years of research and development for the brilliant team at STALVEY to perfect their pieces. Each of the products gives you a lustrous and supple skin in a soft and stunning shade of gold. All their items come with handcrafted brass hardware and a stamp with a letter of authenticity as well! The prices of these products might make you do a double take, but one look at these beautiful pieces, and you might just change your mind!    - Courtesy: