S.T. Dupont Complication Lighter

We do understand that $41,000 for a lighter might be a bit ridiculous especially since any other normal lighter can do the same job. But as they say, luxury has a certain charm that you can’t ignore. The S.T. Dupont Complication lighter will match the refined class of the cigar you will light with it. A work of skilled craftsmen, this lighter was inspired by the meticulous machinery of watches. This makes sense, as it contains around 200 parts! There is also a three-digit secret code that one must enter to open up the cap and access the insides of the device. The skeletal body of the piece is unique and intricate, contributing majorly to the aesthetic appeal of the lighter. A Palladium-finish body encrusted with nine rubies is what makes this lighter truly unconventional and eye-catching. Each one of these limited edition lighters is made to order, taking a minimum of at least three months for delivery, and they all come in a lacquered wooden box. It doesn’t get fancier than this!