SS Rajamouli: Mahabharata could be his last film

One of the finest filmmakers of South Indian cinema, SS Rajamouli says he would retire from direction someday. However, what’s interesting is he revealed details about his last film.

The renowned director hinted that his last film might be on Mahabharata. In fact, Rajamouli himself has admitted that it is a dream to make a film on Mahabharata with a big budget. Talking about his dream project, Rajamouli said he will retire after making a movie on the epic story of Mahabharata. He also mentioned that he might not work on it soon but will definitely work on it towards the end of his film career.

Rajamouli also said he has clarified many times that a film on Mahabharata is only a dream project and he pointed out that media continues to speculate every time before his next film.