Splendid Singapore!

Devesh Baheti is a 26-year-old Aeronautical Engineer and a lifestyle blogger who’s currently working in an Ad Agency as a Copywriter. He also helps his twin run a café on his days off and travels at every given opportunity, big or small. Devesh and his twin along with two of their cousins recently decided to take a weeklong vacation to Singapore to commemorate several personal victories, relax after getting their degrees, and to experience something new. “As someone who works in the creative field, a vacation doesn’t act like a vacation most of the time. It acts like a new environment where you feel refreshed and vulnerable all at the same time. When I am travelling, the experience is spiritual - almost cathartic,” Devesh says, “Most people despise waiting at the airport or long haul flights. I happen to love them because that helps me tap into various behaviors of people. How they eat, sleep, greet others, and speak. I take it all in and then try to reflect that experience into my work. Traveling helps me tap into a place that is only available to me at times when I’m detached from familiar locations. I think I’m blessed with the curse of having to fill the creative void in me with such experiences. And in that irony of my love for travel, lies the beauty and the soul of my work.”

The spontaneous group would hop onto busses, get off at just any station and decide to walk. “However, the problem with walking is that often times, you get lost. But the thing is, when you’re traveling, you’re never truly lost. I think that was an extremely memorable part of our trip,” Devesh remembers, “Also, being able to independently call the shots at that point of time was an experience which was extremely enriching for all of us.”

When asked what are the places they’d recommend to other travelers, Devesh tells us, “Orchard Street for the people who’re looking to get the best of luxury brands. They’ve got all the brands - from Louis Vuitton to Prada,” he reminisces, “Also, when we were done shopping there, we would always go back to Mufasa - the 24/7 shopping mall in Little India - which has got the best offers on the said luxury brands. These two were my personal favourite. Apart from this, I think Universal Studios is a place I’d highly recommend to people of all ages!” The group visited the famous Merlion Statue as well that absolutely took their breath away with its sheer magnanimity.

“Singapore, to me, will always symbolise a lot of firsts. It was my first international adventure, first sense of responsibility, first bout with luxury, and first bout with customs anxiety - yeah, that’s a real thing. That place will forever hold a place in my heart that no other landscape can take. That’s for sure!” Devesh concludes.    

– as told to Tanya