Sparkling to Glory – Bunty Bajaj

by pavan
Sparkling to Glory - Bunty Bajaj

She is a renowned name in the city’s jewellery business and her store Krsala is a jewellery connoisseur’s favourite hotspot. Bunty Bajaj is a firehouse of talent and creativity and that’s evident in her beautiful creations. This week, she spills the beans on what keeps her going in the jewellery field.

From event management to jewellery designing, what brought about the shift?
Event management will always be my first love, but as a profession it’s physically challenging. I came across a great opportunity in the field of jewellery and I decided that it was time to change directions. I had dabbled in jewellery for years before Krsala became a reality, so when I got a chance to make one of my hobbies my profession, I did the needful.

What is it about jewellery designing that you enjoy the most?
According to me the most exciting part of jewellery design is that you’re creating a piece of art that becomes a part of a family’s legacy. It’s passed down from generation to generation, carrying with it the family’s heritage and telling a story about the family’s history to the person in whose possession it is.

How do you make each collection look different from the other?
This is a particularly tough challenge when it comes to jewellery, because you have certain limitations in the amount you can experiment with the design. However, I go on the basis of what I’m most inspired by at that moment. There are a lot of things on this planet that can prove to be inspiring; we just have to observe. And when you’re inspired by a variety of things, that collection automatically starts to look different from others you’ve created.

Having been in the jewellery business for over a decade, what are the changes in trends you have noticed over the years?
There have been a multitude of changes in trends over the years, but I think the most prominent change that I have noticed is that the younger girls of today prefer statement pieces to a chunky necklace. When it comes to bridal jewellery they love to be decked from head to toe, but otherwise they prefer a big pair of earrings or a stunning bracelet. They also like to experiment with accessories more now. For instance hathphool and mathapatis have recently become popular. Nail rings are a new rage in the current scenario, too.

Tell us about your current collection.
I’ve always attempted to fuse different worlds together in my jewellery. My current collection is inspired by the temples of the south. It is crafted using a combination of pearls and Polkis and beautifully crafted temple jewellery pieces from the south.

What’s the one piece of jewellery that is closest to your heart?
My mother gave me a string of Basra pearls that she had bought from one of the palaces in Hyderabad years ago. Basra as we know are exceptionally rare in today’s day and I absolutely love pearls, so I really cherish that one piece of jewellery.

With the advent of technology, do you think shopping for jewellery online has become a more favourable option?
Shopping of jewellery online has definitely become an option that people are choosing, but I think people only buy pieces that are lower in price online. In fact, we have also entered the jewellery e-commerce space with a new brand called However, when it comes to an expensive piece of jewellery I think people still prefer coming to a store with their families, holding it in their hands, trying it on, and then deciding.

What are your personal favourite gemstones?
My personal favourite gemstones are sapphires. I love the colour of a sapphire to begin with and to add to it all there is something mysterious about that stone. It commands respect, I feel.

Anyone who inspires you?
The one person who I was immensely inspired by was Rajmata Gayatridevi. I hadn’t ever met her in person, but I have seen and read a bunch of her interviews. There was just something about her persona and the way she carried herself that really struck a cord with me.

How do you feel now that your son is in the same line of work as you and your daughter is in one that you were once in?
It’s always extremely thrilling to see your children take an interest in professions that you fancy as well. I think it makes our bond stronger. We have more things to talk about, now that our professional interests are aligned as well. There can’t be a prouder moment for a parent than to see their children on the path to success.              — as told to Niharika

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