The Song of Singapore

by mediology

Mandira Bedi may have travelled far and wide, but one of her more special vacations was a recent trip to the land of the Merlion. Find out all about her trip to Singapore.
I chose Singapore for many reasons. The past few months had been very hectic, and I felt the need for a rejuvenating break. Singapore made perfect sense due to its close proximity, ease of travel, and all the things it offers. I’ve fallen in love with Singapore so much that now it feels like home away from home. This trip was doubly special because my son, Vir, was along for the ride.

I have never enjoyed a trip to the zoo as much as I did at the Singapore Zoo. Nor have I experienced as culturally dynamic a spot as Chinatown. Vir, who is only two, had so many exciting first experiences – his trip to Universal Studios Singapore (where he took his first rollercoaster ride), and his visit to see Inuka, the polar bear mascot at the Singapore Zoo!

My husband Raj and I got to spend some time together, too. With Vir fast asleep after the hectic and fun day, we had a little romantic getaway set up. We saw a totally different side of Singapore, and what an experience it was! The Singapore Flyer gave us a breathtaking view and world-class service, all while high in the sky. As nature lovers, we both agreed that the Gardens by the Bay would be the perfect setting for a date, and it didn’t disappoint. The Supertrees were stunning – the entire place was beautiful and brilliant! If not for anything else, a trip to Singapore would be worthwhile when you visit this place! It’s simply surreal.

But this was a long overdue family vacation, and we wanted to get in as much family time as possible! Our trip began with a fabulous cruise aboard the Super Star Virgo. During the three days, we sailed from Singapore to the island of Penang off the coast of Malaysia, then to Phuket in Thailand and back. It was an extraordinary experience, and I even got to be the captain of the ship for a very brief while! After the cruise ended, we shuffled around town experiencing and exploring all that Singapore has to offer. My little boy had a lot of fun – if you’re a parent, you’ll understand the relief this brought! Vir is now absolutely in love with the Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios Singapore!

Our most cherished moment was at the Giant Panda Forest, where we met two of the cutest pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia. It was fascinating to watch these two playing in their habitat. The Singapore Zoo really takes great care of them. We had breakfast at the Mama Panda Kitchen, where they served some adorable panda-shaped dishes. This trip was full of so many special moments, and watching Vir feed the giraffes and play with other animals at the Singapore Zoo was pure joy. If you travel with children, this is an absolute must-do!

I recommend Singapore to everyone. I never thought I’d enjoy my trip as much as I did, but the island nation is a dynamic destination that offers world-class experiences for one and all. Singapore has so much to offer that no matter how many trips you make, you will return with a list of things to do on your next visit! This time, I missed out on the night safari at the Singapore Wildlife Reserve.

Singapore is where my brother lives, and since this last visit, I can’t help but feel a strong connection to the place myself. There is something for people of all ages and sensibilities – young, old, adventurous, and romantic all have so much to see and do. It’s fascinating how Singapore offers a plethora of options, but the hospitable and friendly people, highly accommodating of all cultures, is the real standout factor. This island city has such a unique blend of both old and new, making it the perfect holiday destination for the entire family, any time of year.     

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