Sonam Kapoor - Fashion is a form of self expression

Extremely frank and quick to speak her mind, Sonam Kapoor does not believe in being politically correct all the time. Honesty, she believes lets one be more clear of who they are.

Having made her Bollywood debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya in 2007 alongside Ranbir Kapoor, she rose to fame and garnered appreciation for biopic Neerja (2016) that also won her the first Best Actor award of her career. And not just that, the B-Town diva even received a special mention at the National Awards ceremony this year, for the flick. The film was somewhat a turning point in her career, it is assumed.

The Star Child
Sonam has been frank to acknowledge that being the daughter of Anil Kapoor she did have it easier in B-Town. While her father does not actually get her the roles, there is a certain degree of protection and expectation in being a star child, believes Sonam. It also brings a degree of recognition and creates a degree of curiosity in the audience, she believes.
However, she feels that while her father’s work gives her inspiration, it is her own hard work that will take her places. Of course she would like to work with her father, but she feels a little intimidated of his stature, and fears that she may not be able to match up to him.

Sonam describes herself as an easy going person who takes life in her stride. While she does not believe in living with a checklist, she also does not judge those who do. She would like to take her time with acting as she is not looking at just a 10 year-long career.

Is she daunted by another superstar’s movie release clashing with hers? Not at all, she says, as she believes that there is a lot of space for good actors and cinema in a country of over a billion people.
Personal Life Sonam, who does not talk about her personal life or speak about her relationships, considers herself to be a strong career oriented person. The artiste also proclaims herself to be a huge feminist and believes that women are more sensitive, better multi-taskers, and have a better intuition.

Fashion et al
Sonam admits that she loves to play dress-up and describes herself as a style savvy person. She has a penchant for heels and the colour pink, which she says uplifts her mood instantly. Fashion for her is a strong medium of self-expression and, according to her, a good dressing sense is important to make an impression, especially in the world of glamour.

The Khoobsurat girl believes style to be an expression of a person’s individuality and varies from person to person. For her, the ultimate style statement lies in being unabashedly true to oneself.
In her opinion, the saree makes Indian women look supremely stylish. But on an off day, Sonam is most likely to be found in comfortable pyjamas.  

        --- Jaideep Pandey
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