Sonakshi Sinha’s Special Women’s Day Anthem

This International Women’s day, NDTV Good Times has teamed up with the talented Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha to release a special women’s day anthem. The objective behind making this video “Who Says A women Can’t Do Everything”, is to acknowledge women’s contribution towards shaping a better future and create an awareness among the young generation that women should be appreciated for all their remarkable contributions towards our society and they should be given freedom to voice their opinion.

In a recent interview, Sonakshi Sinha said that she was excited to partner with NDTV Good Times, she shared “I feel privileged to shoot this anthem video with NDTV Good Times and acknowledge women’s beautiful contribution to the world around us. I am happy that women today are standing up for themselves and speaking their mind and I am sure that we all can identify with this anthem.”


The special anthem video “Who Says A Women Can’t Do Everything” is released on March 7 2017 on NDTV Good Times and social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

-Akhila kakarala with inputs from
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