Some essentials to stock up on during the coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus has been spreading to several parts of the world, people are being asked to stay at home or are being quarantined at isolation facilities. During this self-quarantine period, all the citizens of the nation not only have to follow some precautionary measures laid down by the World Health Organization but they also need to stock up on some essential supplies. During this situation, people tend to panic and buy more than what is needed.

In this article, let us see some essential things that should be on your shopping list:

1. Pile up on some frozen foods- Although we all know that frozen foods are after all not healthy but these ready-to-eat meals can come in handy at this point. On the days that you don’t feel like cooking, just open a packet of these ready-to-eat meals and heat them in the microwave.

2. Fresh Foods- Along with some frozen foods, it is also good to keep some fresh foods in your refrigerator. Only buy vegetables and fruits that last for a longer period of time like onions, carrots, apples, garlic and cabbage.

3. Medicines- Along with food , it is important to keep a stock of all the essential medicines that you may need incase you fall sick. Also make sure that there is an adequate supply of over-the-counter medicines which you or your loved ones take on a regular basis.

Other essential items to keep at home are: nuts, canned foods, dry foods, and disinfectants. If you have a baby or a pet at home then you will need to buy baby essentials and essentials needed for your pets.      -Akhila Kakarala and Pic Courtsey: