Society Maven - Ramona Narang talks with You & I

She’s the quintessential society lady who lunches with a twist. Apart from being a mother to twins, she runs a fledging eponymous fashion brand. At any given point, Ramona has her hands full, but makes sure to always take time out for one of her favourite passions – fitness.

Tell us what the journey as a designer has been like.
My journey as a designer started off quite randomly, but I’m glad to say that it has been incredible – truly incredible! Every day is a learning process, from when I made maternity wear for myself when I was going to have my twins, to when I started designing comfortable couture for the real women of today. I have learnt that if you keep pushing yourself everyday and overcoming your limitations, you will not only find the destination worth getting to, but also the journey beautiful.

What inspires you and how do you keep up with the latest fashion trends around the world?
My initial inspiration stemmed from my mother, who has been my role model and has always been impeccably dressed. I have also drawn a lot of inspiration from the exotic lands we have travelled to together, and have always looked up to her unshakable elegance, and aspire to be like her someday! My collection surprisingly came into being when I was expecting my twins – Isabella and Ishan. I did not have any beautiful maternity wear, decided to design my own, and voila! Queries started coming in about it, then requests for orders...and everything just happened so fast!

What is your personal style, and what are your favourite shopping destinations?
My personal style is very classic. I like to keep my outfits glam, using clean lines and with an added accent of jewellery. I don’t follow stars or anybody. I like to wear what will suit me. As for shopping destinations, I love to shop in Hong Kong, London, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Tell us something about your latest collection.
My latest collection is a mélange of fringes, tassels, and ivory shades – all being super glam at the same time! I love tassels and lace, and a lot of that can be seen in my new collection.

Maternity wear in India is only now picking up. What tips do you have for mums-to-be?
I feel maternity wear in India hasn’t always been there, with people just wearing a bigger size of everything they’d usually buy. And my advice would be: Don’t go for maternity wear, but instead opt for designers that offer bigger sizes. And you also always have glamorous kaftans!

How do you balance all the hats you wear?
To be honest, juggling many roles is very tough. It might look like an easy job from the outside, but being a designer and a mum to two at the same time is a lot of work. I’m always running around and I definitely sleep less and wake up earlier; these things are inevitable when you have a lot on your plate!

How has being a mother influenced your outlook on life and your style?
Being a mother changes everything, from priorities, to habits – everything! You go out less, wake up earlier, sleep earlier, and meet so many more goals during your day. There is no space for procrastination!

What’s the one piece of advice you would give your 25-year-old self?
Ah… probably to use more of my mind and less of my heart.

What would you say are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
I feel my biggest weakness is my gullibility, and my biggest strength would be my creativity.

You have a hardcore fitness routine. What does fitness mean to you, and how do you remain so fit?
Fitness is part of my lifestyle – something I incorporate into my everyday life. The days I don’t go to gym I feel like something is missing, and I feel like it’s so important to respect your body and your time. My advice to all the youngsters out there would be: Eat healthy, and don’t drink too much!                  – as told to Suneela