Soaking Up the South (of France!)

Varun Shashi Rao loves to travel, and being an actor enables him to pursue this particular passion. “One of the best parts of my job is that we get to travel to the most beautiful and exotic places while working,” he shares. “Whenever we travel to a new place for a shoot, I research it so that when I actually get there, I can really soak in the vibe of the place. We do face challenges like the weather and language barriers, but I enjoy them because they make me push my limits and explore myself. And of course, I always stay back a little longer to experience the place as a tourist!” he reveals. Varun recently visited the south of France, and he was delighted to tell us all about it.

“The shoot we did in the south of France was for a month, and I stayed back for another two weeks after that and travelled the place solo for a while,” Varun tells us. “After that, I visited my friends in Amsterdam and Paris before returning home.” Varun is such a travel-holic that when he had just two days off between shoots, he made the most of it by travelling to the French Riviera. “It has some famously glamorous beach resorts and is a treat for the soul,” he says. “I took the Eurail to Cannes, the iconic city known for its high-profile film festivals. Visiting Cannes is an amazing experience for any cinephile!” He reminisces, “I spent an entire day in and around Cannes. I also went to this palace on top of Cannes, which was absolutely stunning! Since I love walking, I also walked around the coastline of Cannes. There’s usually a lot of action happening around the promenade; it also has the most high-end luxury brands there! There are a few wonderful restaurants, too, and you’ll get to see some unbelievably gorgeous and lavish yachts here.”

The actor went on to visit Nice, the capital of the Alpes-Martitimes district on the French Riviera. The beautiful city sits on the shores of the magnificent Baie des Anges. “Nice was gorgeous,” Varun reminisces, “the pebble beach, especially! We’re so used to seeing sand beaches that the pebbles on the beach really stood out to me and looked absolutely gorgeous. The centre of the old town is always buzzing with performing street artists, drifting street food aromas, and colourful buildings.” He adds, “Nice is hands-down the most gorgeous place I’ve ever visited in my life. Just chilling in one of those street-side cafés with a beer was amazingly relaxing!”

Varun also made sure to visit Monaco, which is technically an independent microstate located along the French Riviera and is also one of the richest states in the world. “Southern France is very lavish and its natural beauty is amplified by the Alps. The region is super sophisticated and the people are very cultured. If you’re the kind of person who appreciates natural beauty as well as man-made opulence, I would certainly recommend that you visit the south of France,” he concludes.       - as told to Tanya