Snapchat introduces a new app for Android users

The popular photo sharing platform, Snapchat launched an exclusive in-built app for Andriod users.

This new app has been introduced in order to provide Andriod users with a performance that is on par with the IOS app. This app has been specially designed keeping in mind its hardware and the Andriod ecosystem.

Vice president of product for Snapchat, Jacob Andreou gave a statement saying, "With this new foundation I wouldn't be surprised if you actually see things starting to come to Android even before iOS sometimes".

The photosharing app announced its new feature for Andriod users on Twitter with the hashtag, that says, "#SnapForAndroid and a picture of the 'Snapchat Ghost' smiling at the Android robot.

-Akhila kakarala
Pic Courtsey: Snapchat twitter account