Smoke House Deli

The newest addition to the much-loved Smoke House Deli restaurant fold (already well-known for its quaintly illustrated walls and personable design elements) takes things a serious notch up. Set in the charming home of a colonial British tea merchant, it’s the brand new Smoke House Deli in Saket.

The interiors are furnished like a dainty tea salon but even so, the decor breathes colonial history; a mix of woven cane, wrought iron and floral upholstery recreate the furniture of times long gone by. In true British style, this one also offers outdoor seating – weather permitting, that is! While the decor may be a worshipful ode to everything ‘tea’, the menu is an exercise in variety. And that sentence only rhymes because the menu reads like poetry to the ears of food lovers.

Everything from fine breakfasts to 100% char-grilled dishes to an all-new range of comfort food make an appearance on the menu. With this restaurant, Smoke House Deli also introduces to its fans, the concept of communal dining. Now you can enjoy not just the company of your best friend at your meal, but also have their fork dig into your sizeable and shareable portion.